Write_On x Ritual

What better way to hone in on a letter-writing practice than to make it part of your daily ritual. We teamed up with Ritual Coffee, a San Francisco favorite, for a two-part letter-writing party for our Write_On Campaign in conjunction with National Letter-writing month. To really drive home the habit, we’re offering one card from our Write_On kit with every coffee purchase at Ritual Coffee on Haight St. and Valencia St. during the month of April. No excuses!

Last night was the first of the two events co-hosted by Ritual Coffee and we were so pleased with the response. We may be biased, but the coffee & card loving crowd might be our favorite! We gathered, we sipped, we wrote, and we’re doing it all over again on Thursday.

We hope you’ll join us for our second Write_On event at Ritual Coffee on Valencia St. Thursday April 6th, 6pm-8pm. We’ll be there passing out Write_On Kits and Sakura of America pens, and postage is provided for all your Write_On correspondence! It’s free & there’s no RSVP necessary- So come, bring your friends & address book, and write_on with us. More info here.

Special thanks to Ritual Coffee for co-hosting this Write_On event, to everyone who came out, and to our friends at Egg Press, Sakura of America, and Mohawk Paper for making Write_On possible.

Find out more about our second event at Ritual Coffee on Valencia Street below.