My Mom is Magical Book Launch

We’re bringing our sunny and punny illustrations and our favorite mythical creatures to a new medium… children’s books! My Mom is Magical (available now) and its sequel, My Dad is Amazing (coming soon) are our favorite new Hello!Lucky products! And look out, because soon, we’ll have our corresponding cards on our letterpress site!


We love the fact that children’s books usually teach simple but profound life lessons. Often these are the basic things that we forget as we grow up—things like being kind and caring—but that are key to leading a happy, fulfilled life. It is so much fun to revisit these ideas through the eyes of children! Children and parents both benefit from reading them.  

We also love that children’s books have to be both entertaining and emotionally true to keep a child coming back to read it again and again. It’s a super-fun challenge to come up with ideas that are fresh, inspiring, funny, and deep at the same time.


The inspiration behind My Dad is Amazing and its counterpart, My Mom is Magical, is the relationship and bond between parents and young children. Kids idolize their parents—they are these huge, magical, larger than life figures in a child’s life. Yet, parents often feel anything BUT magical—they are often anxious and haggard from juggling all their responsibilities. We wanted to affirm to parents how wonderful and inspiring they truly are, as well as help kids cheer their parents on! At the end of each book, kids get to hear from their parents that they are magical, too, which is a great sentiment right before bedtime. In short, these books are intended to be a big warm fuzzy to parents and kids everywhere. (Aww.)

Find out where to get your own copy here!

If you're local to the Bay Area, we'd love to catch you at one of our two My Mom is Magical events! Save the dates- May 5th @ Pippa & Co in Berkeley 1-3pm, and May 12th at Tantrum in Richmond 12pm-2pm.