5 Ways to Show You Care this Valentine’s Day

Love and Friendship NYNOW.jpg

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here at Hello!Lucky we’re already thinking about ways to show our friends and family just how much they mean to us. We’re thinking outside of the box this year with five creative ways to show that we care.

  1. A handmade coupon book to our significant other filled with back rubs, date nights, and chores they don’t like doing. That way the gift keeps giving well beyond Valentine’s Day

  2. For a week leading up to Valentine’s Day, cut out little hearts and tape one every day to your children’s, roommate’s, or special someone’s door. Write things you love about them or things you admire. They’re like real life conversation hearts tailored perfectly for the one you love.

  3. Send Valentine’s day cards to more than just your sweetheart this year. Send them to friends you haven’t seen in lately, relatives, and anyone who could use some extra love this time of year.

  4. DIY construction paper Valentine’s like when you were a kid! Grab markers, crinkle-cut stickers, glue sticks, and get to crafting! You’ll love to get messy and creative while your loved ones will love the personal touch.

  5. Make festive treat jars with mason jars and your special someone’s favorite treat. Decorate it with ribbon and a card saying just how “sweet” they are!

Make this Valentine’s Day special with one of these easy, creative ways. You’ll love doing something extra for the holiday, and your family and friends will know just how much they mean to you.