Keeping Friends with Happy Mail


It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that matters.

When Eunice and I were growing up overseas, we moved every few years.  That meant making new friends and then leaving them. Again and again.  

Luckily, we used hand-written letters to keep in touch. Yes, that was before social media, but hang with us.  Today, some of those old friendships are some of our deepest.  And, we still have the old letters we wrote and received from friends -- re-reading them reminds us of who we were then, and how far we’ve come, together.

That’s part of what inspired us to write our latest book, Happy Mail.  We wrote it to inspire girls and women to express and share their creativity with their friends.  The process of sharing what we’ve created with the people we love most is exhilarating.

By creating, we can find and develop our true voice.  That’s empowering.

And by sharing what’s in our heart, made with our own hands, we invite people to see us for who we are. That’s empowering, too.

Many years later, it’s still those friends we once wrote letters and cards to when we were girls, who make our lives matter.

Here’s to friends, and to Happy Mail!