Five Quick Wedding Invitation Tips

Naturally we get asked about wedding invitations all the time. How to chose the right ones, what to look for, what wording to use --- all such important questions! We thought we'd pull together a quick post on how to pick wedding invitations. Here are our top five tips!  

1. Choose the design that's right for you. Don't too get caught up in worrying about tradition; instead, choose an invitation that fits your style, whether it's colorful or classic.

2. Embrace paper. While it's tempting to do a lot of things digitally these days, remember that your wedding is a great opportunity to slow down, reflect, and celebrate.

3. Begin with the event in mind.  The invitation sets the tone for the wedding, so the design should ideally reflect the style of your venue, your color palette, and the level of formality.

4. Simplify. The only things guests really need to receive in the mail these days is an invitation -- the rest of the details (e.g. travel, accommodations, registry, RSVP) are often best communicated by a wedding website or e-mail. That said, if you have the budget and desire for a pretty invitation package, by all means go for it!  Your guests will be thrilled.

5. Have fun! Wedding planning should be as fun and enjoyable as the event itself, so stop yourself if you're turning into a bridezilla. Remember it's not the end of the world if you don't get the EXACT shade of purple font you were dreaming of. At the end of the day what matters is the big event and the small things that may go wrong on the way are worth brushing off!

Be sure to check out our extensive wedding wording and planning advice. Have more questions? Ask us in the comments!