Eunice's Custom Made Potty Training Chart

Trying to convince Jude to use the toilet was NOT an easy sell and one of the few times in my child-rearing experience so far that I've really, really wished I could pay someone any amount of money to do it so I could completely avoid having to deal. I poked around online and discovered that everything available seemed to have about as much flair as a corporate power point, so I whipped up this chart with examples of animals joyfully peeing and pooping (some have better aim than others) with a bit of foam core, a sharpie and some highlighters.
Hilariously, he immediately got it - it helps that he is absolutely obsessed with animals - and was super excited to imitate the animals on the board,. Now that sucker is covered with stickers and he hasn't screamed "GIVE ME A DIAPER!!!" in three weeks! (Small miracles!)