Happy Anniversary London Tube

On January 9th the London Tube celebrated its 150th anniversary! As such an intricate structure with so many historical memories, we had to pay tribute somehow. The Tube logo is one of the main inspirations for our Love London invitation suite! We had to put our own touches on the design, but we love it's classic color palette and bold type.

The Tube hasn't always been as widespread as it is today. This vintage Underground map shows some of the original railways.

Penguin released a coffee table book in 2007 titled Transit Maps of the World. Below is a map showing all the cities that currently have or are planning to build an urban rail system. Pretty impressive! Wouldn't it be nice to be connected to all these countries by train?

Of course we're not the only ones feeling inspired by the London Tube. Other companies are paying tribute to the railways as well. 1210 Apparel created this Hip Hop Roots tee-shirt, connecting all the defining forces of hip-hop music into one crazy tube/tree.

Congratulations to the London Tube! We wish you another 150 years of efficient journey through our second home.