P's and Q's: Wedding Etiquette

It's a real pleasure to introduce a new blog series titled P's and Q's. We ask that you - or anyone you know - write us with any questions or thoughts that relate to weddings, be it making a guest list, how to say no, and much more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook/Twitter for real Q&A from our brides and grooms and we'll have our expert team tackle the responses.

We know one of the hot topics when it comes to wedding etiquette is wedding invitation wording. There are endless variables involved with wording your invites just right. Whether you're addressing both families in the invitation or hosting a casual event yourselves, the wording can always get tricky. Our consultant team at Hello!Lucky has seen just about everything, and is offering their top notch advice for all those sticky situations. Today we're focusing on simple wording techniques for save the dates. As the first piece of information your guests receive, the save the date sets the tone for the rest of your wedding. Before you send your save the dates, be sure you have the following checked off your list:

Guest List / Venue or Location / Date / Style or Formality / Color Palette

It's true planning a wedding can get exhausting. Gather your friends and family to help get organized from start to end, and follow our Wedding Planning Timeline for support. This timeline recommends sending your save the dates 6-8 months in advance, depending on the location and if you have guests that will need to make travel arrangements. When it comes to wording your save the dates, you want to be certain you list basic important information including the date (of course!), location, and your names. The rest is up to you! Be sure to check out our save the date wording samples for tips when hosting a formal, informal, or casual wedding.


We asked our wedding wording expert and design consultant Lia what she thought about wording your save the dates:

Since save the dates set the tone for the wedding, a formal affair requires a traditional approach.  The design would coordinate with the wedding invitation so that the entire suite has a cohesive feel.  Full names should be included and dates should be spelled out.  Information regarding children or attire is best included with the invitation on a separate details card.


Lia's tips for wording a casual save the date card:

Have fun with it!  Wording can be playful and should match the personality of the couple getting married.  Save the dates that include photos are a great way to let that personality shine while showing off gorgeous engagement shots!



For destination weddings, Lia suggests:

Chances are most weddings will be a destination for at least some of the guests, so save the dates should be mailed six months in advance to assist with planning.  Listing a wedding website gives guests access to travel and accommodation information, but for very formal weddings a separate card should be included.  If the wedding is being held in a popular travel destination or at peak season, its a good idea to reserve a block of hotel rooms as early and for as long as possible.

Do you have any questions about wedding wording? Have a sticky situation and need help from the experts? Let us know in the comments below!