Notes from London

We have been asked on several occasions to describe what London has been like over the Olympic period but to be quite honest, for Londoners not attending the events themselves, it has been strangely quiet. Now, in the hiatus between the Olympics and Paralympics, seems a good time to reflect. There has certainly been a good deal of celebrating and decorating going on but very little with direct reference to the games themselves for fear of contravening the rules regarding use of the rings, name, date, venue and so forth. Instead the city has been awash with flags of all nations - best shown in this glorious display down Regents Street in the very centre of town.

Twenty Major statues throughout the capital were also adorned with new headgear including Admiral Nelson on his column in this natty number seen above which was made for him by Lock & Co – the same company that made his real tricorn 200 years ago! (They have been going since 1676!) Smaller shops have dusted off the Union flag bunting from the Jubilee celebrations (in the best spirit of ‘Make do and Mend’) and given us charming window displays such as this one at our friend’s salon ‘The Powder Room.’

There was naturally official Olympic merchandise around and several major British artists designed posters our favourite of which was this stripe design from Pop artist Bridget Riley, but we must confess that the bold graphic simplicity of the 1948 poster is perhaps somewhat more to our tastes.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the organiser’s fierce protection of the brand some people really did go out of their way to make an alternative point… we loved the cheeky shop window of this gent’s outfitters.

We also loved these posters from New North Press are just letterpressed genius! Alas – they are not for sale but they have plenty of others in their online shop and offer hands-on courses in this most wonderful of arts at their studios in Hoxton, North London!

If all this red, white and blue has given you ideas for your own celebrations and if seeing the city in such a party mood has re-kindled your love affair with it then perhaps consider our new Love London range for your own event. If nothing else you’ll get to re-use all that bunting again!