DIY Gold Confetti Champagne Flutes

Are you preparing a toast this season? Planning a special announcement? These DIY gold confetti champagne flutes are a fabulous way to liven up your glassware, especially for a special event. Or, if you're looking for unique gift ideas they would make a dazzling addition to any china cabinet. We found the inspiration for this DIY over at Radical Possibility. The writer, Zandi, has tons of easy and inexpensive projects, and many are Anthropologie replications, or in her words, "knockoffs." Zandi sure fooled us because her Confetti Tumblers are fantastic!

You can find inexpensive champagne flutes at your local thrift store, or buy new at any department store. Spice them up with customized colors for your wedding and the bridal party will be toasting in style. We love the classic elegance of gold, but a fun neon pink wouldn't bee too shabby either!

Materials: Glass champagne flutes, Gold enamel paint, small brush

How To: Step 1. Wash your glasses very well and dry completely

Step 2. Dip your brush in a bit of gold paint. Starting at the base of the cup, dab the paint on to the glass. We set ours upside down for easy painting.

Step 3. As you fill the bottom part, begin to spread out your dots more and more as you reach about half way.

Step 4. Once the glasses are dry, you can bake them to seal the paint. Read the instructions on your paint bottle in advance. Ours baked for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Tip* be very careful when hand washing. Use cold water and air dry.

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