Design Evolution: Greeting Cards

We have two very different parts of our business, our greeting card line and our custom design line. It's rare that the two cross paths but occasionally they do meet and we love seeing the results. We design and release new greeting cards twice a year, and one of the most exciting parts of our job here is coming up with themes and puns for our greeting card line. But the truth is, some of our most popular designs are already out there, and they just need to be revisited. Often times we'll look at what's done well in our wedding line and we'll use those designs as inspiration for new greeting cards.  It's fun to see the variations and to be able to offer up some of our most beloved designs to people who aren't looking for wedding invites or birth announcements. We've paired up some of these design transformations below so you can check our the evolution for yourself!

Above is our Seagulls Greeting Card recently created after we felt the success of our Seagulls Wedding Invitation. The cool beachy theme fits well as a wedding thank you card, but also as a thank you for a gift or gesture. For those of us that live on the ocean, having a set of six at home is necessary!

It was easy to turn our most popular Nouveau Peonies Wedding Invitation into a greeting card. The  Nouveau Peonies Greeting Card is a feminine and classy note perfect for every occasion.

We're proud of our city. And we're proud of our other most popular wedding invitation San Francisco Skyline.  The new San Francisco Skyline Greeting Card is perfect for visitors of the city by the bay, for moving announcement cards, or just a friendly hello.

Everybody loves Big Day! There's something about the double sided Big Day rsvp card that gets people smiling. We knew the friendly illustration would lend itself well to a thank you card. Our Many Thanks Greeting Card has been around quite awhile and is definitely a favorite.

Did you know all of our Visit series save the dates are available in letterpress greeting cards? The Visit New York Greeting Card is one of the originals, and a best seller in our New York City stores. It was recently featured on Time Out New York in a roundup of NYC themed stationery and greeting cards! Woo hoo!

After our designers created the Inchworm Birth Announcement for Kelly's baby Elliot, it was an easy decision to turn the bright baby announcement into the Inchworms Thank You Card. Suitable for a boy or girl!

We'll be sure to cover more of our design evolutions in the future! If there are any wedding/baby designs you'd like to see as a letterpress greeting card, just let us know!