DIY Patterned Papers: Drink Flags

The next video in our DIY Paper Details series is our favorite reception accessory - DIY Drink Flags! There are three easy templates for making festive flags for your party drinks. Your guests will certainly see your details come together if you match your papers with your wedding invitations or table numbers. Watch the video or see below for full instructions!

DIY Drink Flags from Hello!Lucky on Vimeo.


DIY Drink Flag Template, Printer, 1 sheet cardstock, 8.5 x 11” (US) or A4 (UK), Ruler, Bone folder, or a butter knife, Cutting mat, or a magazine, Craft knife, Pencil, Patterned paper, Glue stick, Skewer sticks

How To:

Step 1. Print out the template. Print this template on card stock. Make sure your printer is set to 100% (or, “no scaling”) to ensure that the template prints to scale. Step 2. Cut out the template. Using a ruler, craft knife, and cutting mat, cut out the drink flag template. Step 3. Trace the template. With a pencil, trace the drink flag templates onto each sheet of pattern paper. Step 4. Cut out each flag. Using a ruler, craft knife, and cutting mat, cut out the flags. Step 5.  Fold each flag in half. Fold the flags in half and use a bone folder to smooth the crease, marking your center. Step 6. Glue in skewers. Apply glue to one side of the inside of your flags. Place the skewer stick in the center, leaving about ¼” space at the top. Fold and smooth to secure.

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