DIY Fourth of July Tea Towels

If you can believe it, July is right around the corner and friends and family are starting to make plans for the fourth. Whether you celebrate each year with a blow-out bash or keep it simple at home with close pals, it's always fun to have some festive decorations on hand. There are lots of quick and inexpensive ways to throw together some red, white, and blue, but why not go the extra mile this year and try something worth keeping. These firecracker popsicle printed tea towels relive those nostalgic childhood memories of chasing down the ice cream man and indulging in a sweet summer treat. Super easy to make and totally washable, you'll be glad to have them for next year!


Pencil, craft knife and cutting mat (a magazine will work), plastic coated freezer paper, masking tape, red, white, blue, and brown acrylic craft paint, foam brushes (or cut up some sponges at home), iron, white tea towels (we used flour sacks) and this handy Popsicle Template

How To:

Step 1. Print your Popsicle Template on your home computer.

Step 2. Cut out a piece of 8.5" x 11" freezer paper and trace the template. Be sure you trace with the plastic side down.

Step 3. Place your traced paper on a cutting mat or magazine and cut with your craft knife. Be very careful!

Step 4. Place your cut out freezer paper on your tea towel (plastic side down). We suggest using some masking tape on the corners to prevent it from shifting.

Step 5. With your iron hot, slowly smooth the paper onto the towel. Watch as the plastic seals itself to the fabric. Be sure to get all the bubbles out!

Step 6. Using your foam brushes and paint, dab each color in their designated spot. Don't forget to put a piece of paper under the towel as the paint might leak through.

Step 7. After your paint has dried, carefully peel up the paper and watch the design appear!

Easy, right? These tea towels would also make the perfect hostess gift if you're the one attending that big bash. Nothing says Happy Independence Day like a handmade gift.

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