DIY Father's Day Cupcake Toppers

Good Monday morning to all of our favorite readers! We want to start off on this week ahead with a new (and remarkably easy) Father's Day craft. These mini DIY paper crown cupcake toppers are the royal icing on the [cup]cake for your dad's day this year. Show him how much he means to you by customizing his crown with precious jewels, a photo, or even a personal note. Make him feel like the king he is!


Colored Paper, craft knife, ruler, pencil, craft glue or tape (whatever you have around) and the cupcake topper template. Download below!

Cupcake Topper Template

How to:

Step 1. Print out the cupcake topper template.

Step 2. Trace the outline onto your colored paper. We've created three different designs - fit for all types of kings.

Step 3. Cut out your crown with a craft knife and ruler. This part takes time and patience!

Step 4. Place glue on the outside of the tab and secure to the inside of the crown.

Step 5. Display! We chose Martha Stewart's Devil's Food Cupcake recipe for a rich, flavorful treat. What dad doesn't love chocolate??

 Happy crafting!

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