DIY Card Stands

These super simple and easy to make card stands are the perfect pick-me-up to any table display. We love the quirky drawer knobs found at local antique shops or the ornate ones for sale at Anthropologie. You can even buy wooden knobs at your local hardware store and paint them any color you like! The possibilities are endless with these little fellows. We'd definitely use them as place card holders at a reception or dinner party, but they could also be used to prop photos on a mantle, keep to-do notes on a desk, or even hold up a new recipe in the kitchen. Full instructions below!


Used or new knobs preferably without set screws (browse your local antique shop for fun shapes and colors, or visit Anthropologie), wire (we used 20 gauge for better strength), pipecleaners (any color will do, but try to match the colors of your knobs), wire cutters or scissors and some craft glue - if necessary.

How To: 

Step 1. Remove the screws and any washers from the knobs.

Step 2. Prepare your wire. Cut about 8" - 10" strips and fold at the center. Wrap the wire around your index finger twice creating a spiral loop.

Step 3. Cross both ends and spin to hold in place.

Step 4. Carefully wrap one end of the wire around the other side, leaving as little space as possible between each loop.

Step 5. Wrap your pipecleaner around the bottom part of your wire (underneath the hook). Cut off any remaining pipecleaner.

*The thickness of your pipecleaner will depend on the width of the hole in your knob

Step 6. Place the wire and pipecleaner inside the hole of the knob. It should fit pretty snug - if not, add more pipecleaner and a dab of craft glue to be sure.

Step 7. Insert place card between wire loops and display!


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