Lucky Friday # 58, Tea Time: Mother's Day

Hello all you lucky folks out there! This is the 58th edition of our Lucky Friday Giveaway.  Each Friday we feature one of our letterpress greeting cards. We’ll choose THREE LUCKY WINNERS to get a free card.  Post a comment by 12 p.m. PST the following Thursday, and we’ll announce the winners on the following Friday!

The three winners from last week are (drum roll, please): Katie J, Katie & Jessica@TWB! We’ll contact you next week to arrange sending your Peanut card. Design: Tea Time Artist: Esther Aarts Inspiration: The scent of bergamot on an Earl Grey kind-of-a day made us miss Mum's tea and her marvelous marmalade! Who to send it to: Well, whom else? All moms in flesh or spirit deserve a day's recognition. Ideas we scrapped in favor of this one:  The diapers idea was dear, but a little too funky/retro, and the Milk and Honey card made the men squirm. Favorite detail: Love how the teabag tag is personalized. Hrmm, that's a great idea, actually... Why letterpress? Make mom proud that she raised you to have such impeccable taste!

Don’t forget to post your comment and tune in next week, same time, different stationery, to see if you’ve won!