Thumbs up for Paws Up

Western Montana really does have one of the most picturesque landscapes in this country. Aside from being surrounded by national forests and inhabited by incredible wildlife, Montana is becoming a hot spot for romantic getaways. The resort at Paws Up outside of Missoula, Montana is gaining quite a rep, and fast. Its rustic homes and glamorous camping tents (claimed "glamping") set the ideal stage for a luxurious country getaway. It just so happens that during our rustic farm week, Green Wedding Shoes is hosting a bachelorette party giveaway for 3 nights and 5 ladies to spend "glamping" at the heavenly Wilderness Estates. If only they were hosting a company vacation giveaway, our Hello!Lucky team would be there in a heartbeat....sigh!

Yes, you could be lounging in these luxury leather beauties and relaxing in the spa tents underneath the Big Sky. Since some of us have ties to the Treasure State, we know what wonders that fresh mountain air can do for the body and soul.

If you'd like to win a bachelorette party at Paws Up, be sure to check out the giveaway here!