Weekend in Paris: Part 3

Patisserie des Reves 2

Our final day began with beautiful and delicious pasteries from La Patisserie des Reves in the 6th...

Patisserie des Reves


Bonton Paris

Bonton - one of the most inspiring stores in Paris!

Magna Carta Paris

Stationery and gifts at Magna Carta

Petit Pan

Petit Pan - another Paris favorite!


Pretty window at traditional French print shop

Bleu Comme Gris

Colorful children's scarves at Bleu Comme Gris


Beautiful Japanense-inspired children's clothes at Noro

Annik Goulal Parfums

Annick Goutal perfumes

Bar before opening Paris

A bar in the early morning
Parisian Street
A classic Parisian street view
The journey home
The journey home. A bientôt, Paris!