The Humble, Well-Loved Whoopie Pie

We have a special fondness for whoopie pies at Hello!Lucky. A couple of years back one of our printers, Aaron, had a bake-off with one of our designers, who shall remain nameless. Whoopie pies were the winner— but we wouldn't say that there was any actual competition. Just fun and fabulous home-baked whoopie pies! whoppie1

These dapper down-home delicacies, from were mentioned in the New York Times, and most closely resemble the no-frills whoopie pies that Aaron crafted.  The recipe, passed on from generations of Pennsylvania Dutch-ish lineage, is closely guarded among Aaron's sylvan clan.  But we imagine that the WannaHavaCookie whoopies are fairly close to the "real thing."


Being a purist, Aaron would probably view these red-velvet variants as an abomination, but we bet they'd be pretty darn tasty.


Even a holiday whoopie pie with peppermint filling! We could go for that!  WannaHavaCookie charmingly touts that whoopie pies would make great wedding favors. And we might just agree!  But could they make a black-tie whoopie pie?