Family Photo Shoot with Leah McCormick

Photography by Leah McCormick Just before Imogen was born, we were lucky enough to squeeze in a family photo shoot with the AMAZING Leah McCormick...

photography by Leah McCormick

We just got the photos back this week, and I couldn't resist sharing them - Leah did such a fabulous job capturing our family (and all accompanying silliness)...

Photography by Leah McCormick

The shoot was so relaxed and fun that even my husband Daniel, who is usually a bit grumbly about being made to participate in such shenanigans, had a great time - and was super pleased with the results...

Photography by Leah McCormick

Love her sense of composition and the way she captures light and color!

Photography by Leah McCormick

Photography by Leah McCormick


You would never guess that I was  incredibly exhausted and quite whale-ish at the time!


Leah does beautiful wedding photography as well - check out her work at!

Happy Birthday Eunice!

For Eunice's 40th birthday this year she and Sabrina and a bunch of friends rented a cabin in Tahoe among the beautiful wooded forests and fresh snow. It was a relaxing and exciting retreat, filled with laughter and great times. Six families attended the mini celebration, so there was never a dull moment. The kids were loving the snow, and the parents were loving the woodsy getaway from the city.

No winter weekend would be complete without a good sled sesh. Inner tubes and snow toys kept the boys entertained, but even Eunice got in on the fun!

Jude was quite the explorer. Thank goodness his reptile sidekicks made it through all the wear-and-tear of the cold!

After the sun set the families cozied up inside for some warm meals.

Everyone helped keep the place running smoothly over the weekend. Daniel is shown here helping build a fantastic snow fort.

It was hard to leave but the families will definitely make it a tradition. Happy birthday to Eunice! Cheers to another year of health and happiness.


Sabrina's Weekend Snapshots

Music was always around the house growing up and I've always loved to sing. It's a family past-time - our dad has spent his retirement learning how to play various bluegrass instruments. I even sang a blue grass-inspired version of Dream a Little Dream for the first dance at Eunice's wedding with my former roommate. When I was in college I formed a singing group with 4 other women (one who happened to be the same roommate). They became great friends and we've recently started getting together yearly for a weekend to sing. This past weekend we got together for a weekend in New Hope, PA to sing some old songs and learn some new ones. Our little house had a great front porch where we spent lots of time just hanging out. We even recorded one of our songs as a memento of the weekend!

We spent a little bit time exploring New Hope and stumbled upon a local auto show.

It's always hard to say goodbye to my dear friends but next year will bring more great memories!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!