Le Papier Studio

Coming up with a unique gift can be a difficult task, especially if you're on a budget. Almost anything customizable these days can cost up to an arm and a leg, but these new silhouette prints by Le Papier Studio are one-of-a-kind and they are affordable. This floral wreath silhouette print is the perfect gift for newlyweds and can be customized in just about every way possible. Vana Chupp, owner and designer of Le Papier, has mastered the art of the silhouette, and it's clear because all of her products are fabulous. We asked Vana a few questions about her work:

1. What inspired you to start Le Papier Studio?

The inspiration behind Le Papier Studio was my first born son, Nikolas. I started documenting his milestones by cleverly capturing his personality, emotion, playfulness and essence. I began using silhouettes to tell my own life story. Now that my second born, John is added to the equation, it's a love story that continues to blossom with both of them as my muses.

2. What's been the most rewarding part of running your business? 

Creating what I love, seeing it come to fruition and adorned by many.

3. Advice for anyone who is thinking of starting their own creative business?

Two words, "start now!". Often people will ponder and wait for the 'perfect' moment to start their creative business, wasting invaluable time.

4. What inspires you most? 

My friends, my family, my boys, are the reason I do what I do.

We're loving this family dates print and how each event can be customized by color. This is such a fun way to display all the important dates in your life, or a great gift for new parents. It's not just the prints that we love, Le Papier has endless goodies from personalized tote bags to dinner plates.

Know a pet lover? One of these personalized pet silhouette plates would certainly make it's home on a mantle or in a frame. Fido will be feeling proud with his own homage.

Vana has customized just about everything, even monogram napkin rings. You can take your tabletop from plain to preppy with the bold color choices, too. What will she come up with next?!

Be sure to check out the entire collection by Le Papier Studio here, and pick up a copy of the new! Pretty Paper Parties book, published by Chronicle Books!

Schools Out!

Call us old school but we think the art of letter writing is not dead. What better way to keep the post office in business than gifting a grad you know with some sweet personalized stationery? A thoughtful gift that will welcome them to the next chapter of adulthood. And maybe it will be a good reminder for them to send a note home once in a while!

We've recently added new personalized stationery designs, check them out here.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is May 13th and although there are endless ways to say "I love you," we chose a few of our favorite gifts and accessories that would make any mom smile.

1. Starting out with these coral Signature Ballet Flats from L.L. Bean, your mom will love a splash of color to liven up her spring wardrobe.

2. Gardening gloves can come in handy even if your mom doesn't have a green thumb! Use them when spring cleaning or simply raking the yard. These chic Fleur de Lis gloves will get her ready for some hands-on fun!

3. You can never have enough bags. This modern lattice dopp kit from Hammocks and High Tea is the ultimate travel accessory, and can help prevent any liquid mishaps from happening on that much needed summer vacation.

4. Continuing with the bright coral color trends, Laura Mercier's Sheer.Bold.Tres.Chic gel lipstick is a great gift for any woman - old or young!

5. Love mom's homemade cooking? She'll have lots more to offer after flipping through The Preservation Kitchen by Paul Virant. With expert guidance and brilliant flavor combinations your mom will be glued to her kitchen trying new techniques of canning and storing, and of course, eating. Just hope she's willing to share!

6. These white ceramic candlesticks by Tourne will work wonders in her home, and you won't have to worry about matching her color palette since these pure and simple home accessories go with everything.

7. Don't stop there! Pair mom's gift with a totally practical and virtually indestructible apron by Tourne as well. And while you're at it - browse the entire Brook Farm General Store for gifts for Father's Day too (June 17th)!

8. Personal Stationery makes the perfect gift year-round, but with so many new designs choose from [and $25 off orders of $100+] your mom won't be able to thank you enough. Don't forget to use the code TREATYOURSELF.

9. One of the best presents a mom could get is probably quality time with her kids. Sit down over a cup of this Bellocq breakfast tea and reminisce over good times.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. We love you!

Mother's Day Special!

Treat Mom to something special this year. Just in time for Mother's Day we're rolling out a special on our personal stationery. Order before 5/30 and receive $25 off orders of $100 or more. You may as well treat yourself while you're at it!

Enter code: Treatyourself at checkout and remember to order by 4/30 to receive orders in time for Mother's Day.

New Personal Stationery!

Spring has sprung and so has the busy gift-giving season. Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, birthdays, weddings, first anniversaries, you name it! There are endless reasons to give the gift of fine quality paper. Our brand new collection of personal stationery has a little something for everyone - including moms, dads, and grads. You can even customize the colors and fonts for free, to add a personal touch.  View the entire collection here!

(clockwise from top: Figs, Vines, Flora and Fauna, Feathers)

These colorful designs are inspired by some of our newest wedding suites, along with a few modern trends.

(Daisy, Tropic, Secret Garden, English Rose)

(Bohemian, Ikat, Cross Stitch, Float)


(Sailboat, French Bicycle, Plaid, Whimsy)

(Darling Buds)

Photos by Edyta Szyszlo

Personal Stationery for Everyone on Your List!


Despite the fact that (and perhaps because) we work with stationery every day, we sometimes forget what a nice gift personalized stationery can make, especially for those people who seem to have everything! Who doesn't love seeing their name in print, and with our new online customization tool, you can pick just the right color and font to match their style.

Here's a sampling of some of our picks for family members of all stripes this year!*

1. Wildflowers: For Aunt Susanne. She's a bird lover and persimmon is one of her favorite colors, so this design by Anne Smith was perfect!

2. London Skyline: For cousin Jonathan, an up-and-coming barrister in London, dignified and masculine.

3. Wild Rose: For Aunt Rose, who sends me a card for every known occasion and a few in between (recent accomplishments of cat, etc.). A large quantity, plus extra envelopes.

4. Honeysuckle: For cousin Elise, a history professor.  She used this Honeysuckle design for her wedding invitations. These are in a different color, and I imagine it bringing back fond yet modern memories as she jots a note about medieval trade routes linking the kingdom of Northumbria to Strathclyde and Wales.

5. Daydream: For Stella, my tween niece. She probably passes notes by tweet, but as I'm sure her mother will agree, every young lady should be a mistress of correspondence!

6. Southern Belle: For my mother-in-law, Olivia, who loves to sunbathe in her garden - a lovely bouquet that could be a gift from one of her many garden gnomes.

7. Chrysanthemum: For my other mother-in-law, Sophia, a sparkling career woman with modern style: the chic and bold Chrysanthemum design.

Order by Dec. 18 and approve your design online, and we'll rush your order FREE for delivery by Dec. 23.  And we'll gift wrap it for you if you like (enter code GIFT4U at checkout)!

So go ahead, cross them off your list!

Happy shopping! Sabrina

*all names have been changed, but these are real gifts!

Studio Snapshot: Personalized Stationery


One of the many perks of working in a letterpress studio is the access to the presses (and quality printers!). Kristine and Christina both fell in love with the same personal stationery design, but put their own unique twist on the concept. Christina's version (above) features a "from the desk of" line along with a feather motif, while Kristine (below) favored a more simple approach.


Both designs were hand-printed on our 1950's Vandercook press.



Now get to those handwritten notes girls!

Studio Snapshot: Moving Day!

We all love to know what goes on behind the scenes - a glimpse into the kitchen of that hot new restaurant or the chance to sit at the drawing board of our favorite fashion designer... we're giddy at the thought!  So in the spirit of sharing, we welcome you to our latest weekly feature - Studio Snapshot.  You might get a sneak peek at a snazzy new design we're dreaming up, hear about fun happenings around the studio, or meet some of the awesome people who make Hello!Lucky a super fun place to work!


Our current project is a little office makeover and here Lillian organizes samples in preparation for their shift across the studio.  How gorgeous is that shelf with its lacy carved details?  It was custom made just for us by our lovely and talented friends at Because We Can!


The result of all that hard work is a bright and airy space where customers can browse stationery, buy the latest greeting card or discuss custom wedding invitations with our helpful staff.  Pop in and say hello!


We adore this charming turquoise settee for spontaneous client chats and our giant farmhouse table is just the place for full scale design brainstorming!


Rows and rows of organized samples make it easy to spot favorite designs and gather inspiration!


A letterpress dress?  Oh yes!  This festive number was handmade by one of our crafty employees with Cherry Blossom save the date and RSVP cards.  Could there be a new trend in paper bridesmaid dresses?


A travel themed display showcases some adorable variations on our Destination Series created with local design duo Lab Partners.


With so many vivid colors and sweet little details its hard to pick a favorite but we're always going to be partial to our home sweet home - good old San Francisco!


We hope to see you soon!

Featured in the Financial Times!

How to Spend it FT Our Woodland Cheer thank you card was featured in the "How to Spend it" section of this weekend's Financial Times, along with excerpts from an interview with the Moyle sisters! Writer Mark O'Flaherty did a great job with the piece. Thanks, Mark!

One of our favorite quotes he picked:

"When something heartfelt has to be conveyed, an e-mail can't compete. The stationery of the future will be unique and handcrafted. If it feels mass-produced, why bother?"

Here's the full interview:

MO: Could you tell me how you both first became interested and involved in letterpress?

HL: Eunice studied printmaking in collage and heard about a letterpress class held at San Francisco Center for the Book from a friend. She took a class there and became obsessed. Her first project was James Bond-themed invitations inspired by the original Casino Royale movie poster for a party Sabrina was hosting -- thus Sabrina got hooked as well. Eunice got her first hand-cranked Vandercook printing press on eBay and installed it in her garage. After printing thousands of cards and developing a mild case of tennis elbow, we upgraded to a more automated Heidelberg Windmill printing press, from circa 1950.

MO: How would you describe your particular style?

HL: Happy vintage graphic bohemian. We draw from eclectic sources, from Victorian to 1960s advertising design, so our style is hard to pinpoint. The unifying characteristic is a sense of whimsy and making sure the artist's/designer's hand felt in the design details and customisation.

MO: What have your inspirations been?

HL: Tim Walker, Paul Rand, Jamie Oliver's food packaging by Pearl Fisher, The Raleigh Hotel, Rob Ryan, Mucha, Hatch Show Print, Charlie Harper, Kay Nielsen, Andy Warhol, Orla Kiely, Andrew and Martin Provensen -- to name just a few.

MO: What’s the scale of the operation and how many pieces are you producing per year?

HL: We're a mid-sized boutique - about 15 staff and 4 printing presses. We produce about 2,000 letterpress cards per day, ranging from greetings cards to custom designed wedding invitation suites, each of which may consist of multiple customised enclosures. So, probably about 80,000 - 100,000 pieces a year.

MO: Do you think there is one particular piece of work you’ve produced that sums up your style, or that you think has been particularly successful?

HL: The save the date poster that Eunice created for her own wedding - it's a bit over-the-top and combines whimsy with graphic elements and hand lettering and illustration. Other than that, the L'Oiseau wedding invitation suite is representative of our style - graphic and chic but a light-hearted.

MO: Why is letterpress which is inherently ‘vintage’, so modern again?

HL: People are feeling very nostaligic for the written word and old-fashioned correspondence. Call it mass-media burnout, Facebook phobia, or what not. There is something tactile, pleasing and personal about receiving a hand-written note written on a beautiful piece of stationery. Letterpress plays perfectly to these visceral desires because it is printed on a soft, cottony paper and printing is literally pressed into the page.

MO: Impossible I know, but from the book Handmade Hellos, could you identify 2-3 people working in letterpress mentioned in the book that you think are working in a particularly modern way, and why?

HL: Absolutely. Egg Press: they are using graphic, Mid-Century modern-inspired designs (think Marimekko or Orla Kiely) and combining that to perfection with letterpress and a witty sensibilty. Pancake & Franks: their designs are uber modern, conceptual, and minimal - all the white space sets off the letterpress printing to a T.

MO: Have we lost the art of letter writing, or will it come back? I’d love to know how you feel about the whole emotion of receiving personal handwritten mail...

HL: The art of letter writing is not lost by any means -- it's just becoming much less frequent. Letter writing will always persist among a certain set and for certain special circumstances (I mean, e-mail love letters? How unromantic!).  We love the immediacy of e-mail for normal communication. But when there is something heartfelt to be conveyed -- a word of sympathy, a wedding invitation, a love note -- there is just no way that e-mail, no matter how many bells and whistles are attached, will ever compete with the human hand. Because letter writing is being reserved only for special occasions and people, the stationery of the future will be increasingly unique and hand-crafted. That's where letterpress again comes in, as opposed to the traditional cheap-and-cheerful greeting card. If it feels mass-produced, why bother? You might as well a send an e-mail.  (And it doesn't hurt to take a few calligraphy lessons, too!)

Giveaway Winner!

lp_sf_close1.jpg Thank you to all for all the wonderful comments!  And, the winner is (drumroll please).....Mandy Murphy who wrote:

I would love to be in the drawing! The new site is awesome! I keep using the personalize option to create invites. I just can’t pick a favorite because i like so many! I hope I’m the lucky winner!!!!

Congratulations Mandy!  Please email info@hellolucky.com for the prize code which you can use toward any custom stationery on our website.

Thanks to everyone for participating - and stay tuned for more opportunities to win fabulous stationery.  You never know when the mood may strike!

One Hundred Smackers Giveaway!

customstationery.jpg We're in a celebratory mood (new President, new year, new website, etc...) and want to share the love!  So, we're giving away $100 toward any custom stationery product on our website.  Take a gander at our wedding invitations, save the dates and personalized stationery and leave a comment if you are interested in being included in the random drawing. The winner will be announced on Monday!  Good luck!



Our New (Extra Fancy!) Website is Here!

Home! We're so excited our new website is finally here - check it out!


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You can now order wedding invitations and save-the-dates easily online!

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Check out our new proof preview feature when you shop for wedding invitations or save-the-dates (additional products will have this soon) - you can play around with type, color, & formatting - our favorite feature is the ability to drag the text boxes around so you can change your text placement on the fly!


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We are so thrilled with the way it turned out!  That being said, it's brand-spanking new, so there are a couple bugs here and there which we are fixing as fast as we can.  If you come across something that isn't working properly or have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you - please email us here!  Note to folks on Internet Explorer 6 - it's time to upgrade! Sadly, our site is now too schmancy for the abilities of IE6 - but you can download IE7 here...

Happy browsing!

Personalized Stationery Contest Winner!

Dots Personalized StationerySophisticate Custom Stationery

It's time to announce the winner of our personalized stationery giveaway: the winner was selected using a random number generator, and she is (envelope, please): Jacqueline Lew! Congratulations, Jacqueline!

Jacqueline, please select from any of the designs in our personalized stationery collection - and we'll have your lovely stationery letterpress printed to your specifications.

Thanks to everyone for participating - and stay tuned for more opportunities to win fabulous stationery, coming soon!

Photos courtesy of Sara Remington.

Personalized Stationery Giveaway!

Hello!Lucky custom stationery Our new letterpress personalized stationery collection just launched! The designs ranges from elegant to whimsical - click here to see them all. To celebrate, we're giving away 50 free personalized cards with plain envelopes - just e-mail us at info@hellolucky.com if you'd like to be included in the random drawing. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 12! Good luck!

Photo courtesy of Sara Remington.

New personalized stationery collection

Eva LongoriaMolly SimsChrysanthemum Custom StationeryEva Custom Stationery Our ears are burning! We just learned that our new personalized stationery collection, which makes its debut this week, already has some celebrity fans: Eva Longoria and Molly Sims! Molly loves the Chrysanthemum design, while Eva's a fan of a design that was inspired by her sophisticated style - we even named it Eva! Shucks, gals, we are so flattered!