Summer in France...

We're just back from a super amazing vacation in France - one week at this gorgeous little beach house in the town of Montalivet on the Atlantic coast, where Jude and his friend Hugo spent the week playing in the sand and sun and generally getting up to tons of hilarious 3 year old shenanigans.  There is nothing more relaxing on a family vacation than kids that are happily occupied!

At Plage du Pin Sec - endless miles of beach, shells to poke, surfers to watch...

Much time was spent doing absolutely nothing...

Or doing really important stuff like coaxing snails out of their shells...

We took the ferry to Royan to visit the Zoo de la Palmyre (completely amazing - the animals are close enough to touch in many cases - quite a different experience from the average American zoo), reading books before long afternoon naps, our bedroom window at the beach house (above which were roosting a family of doves - there's nothing quite like a late afternoon nap with the breeze in the curtains and the sounds cooing doves in the background)...

A brief pause in Bordeaux on our way to catch the train the Paris...the fountain at Place des Quinconces...

Oh how I LOVE Paris - every time we go, it just blows me away all over again.

The night before we got on the train to France, I told Jude (grooming him to be on my side for future campaigns for more French vacations) that we were going to spend a whole week eating gateaux, glace, fromage and croissants - he couldn't sleep he was so excited - and we did.  Macarons galore, chocolate every day! Vacation rules dictate that is is perfectly okay to have éclairs for lunch - who can resist a display like this after all?

Visited the Dynamo exhibit at Le Grand Palais - a pretty fabulous exhibit of notions of space, vision and light run through the abstract art of the 20th century which involved a lot fun of kinetic, op and light-based art which was a big hit with the toddler set. Here Jude enjoys a pretty remarkable installation piece that blurs the line between two and three dimensions.

Other highlights included the Galerie d'evolution in le Jardin des Plantes - literally like stepping into a cabinet of curiosities, hitting le Marais for the annual sales (held twice a year in January and July), le Musée de la chasse et de la nature (one of my all time favorite museums in the world), the carousel at Jardin du Luxembourg, and taking the Batobus down the Seine to get home one afternoon (touristy stigma aside, it was turned out to be a great way to get home after slogging all over Paris in the sun and Jude loved the boat ride.)

This adorable map from Herb Lester - Paris en Famille - a little guide to kid friendly places to check out in Paris, came in handy and had some great suggestions.

Parisian Wedding: Virginie and Antoine

There is a good reason why the word ‘Chic’ cannot be adequately translated into English; we simply just don’t do it as well as the French! Virgine and Antoine both live in London and wanted to take some of the elements of their life here to their May wedding in Paris, mainly in the form of a black London taxi!  We just love the way the photographer has managed to capture the mix of the formal and informal in these stunning photos of the happy couple who seem to have the whole city to themselves!

The reception was a little out of the city at the Manoir de Gressy where the more rural setting provided a beautiful contrast to the city and where Virginie chose an elegant restricted palette of cool greys and silver with just white flowers and green foliage in simple domed bunches. For their stationery they chose to have a customized version of our London Skyline, which we adapted to have the Paris skyline alongside.

We produced the table signs showing either London Tube stations or Paris Metro stops and Virginie also designed a wonderful 32 page booklet herself with graphic images of the two different cultures - The Gherkin vs. Tour Eiffel, Pimms vs. Ricard, Macaron vs. Cupcake etc.!

A customized photo booth with the somewhat Banksy-esque gun-toting Queen along with a host of props allowed the guests to create some memorable photographs of the big day.

Nous remercions Virginie et Antoine d'avoir partage ses photo avec nous. Nous tenons a leur souhaiter beaucoupde bohneur pour leur futur.

New Wedding Invitations!

C'est magnifique! More new wedding invitation designs have arrived! Last week we revealed our new modern and classic wedding designs, and today we're excited to share our new delicate floral suites. We are certain you'll fall in love with French Bow, inspired by darling French patisseries and delicate details.

Romantic Garden has similar qualities, offering a simpler yet elegant composition. And we must say, these designs look très jolie letterpress printed!

Photos by Edyta Szyszlo

In the bag!


We are loving these oh-so-chic messenger bags from Ulster Weavers that we found whilst looking for tea-towels for the London office. Having images of London, New York and Paris, they coordinate rather well with our own invitations and we can think of no better way of keeping all ones' wedding paraphernalia together than in one of these beauties! Of course, for all those readers in a non-wedding frame of mind, they are equally good for popping to the supermarket whilst retaining ones' street cred! We are also rather taken by some of their aprons in wonderful retro designs; perfect for releasing your inner Doris Day for a spot of afternoon cake baking!


Pretty Packages from Paris

L'Atelier Des Douceurs Marshmallows

Paris is full of pretty things, but some of my favorites teas and sweets I found at La Grande Epicerie on Rue de Sevres. Atelier de douces guimauves - translated to marshmallows but these are so much more melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

Comptoirs Richard Candies

Pretty fruit sweets from Comptoirs Richard

Marriage Freres Very Teas

Mariage Freres teas

Pietro Castellie Pasta

Rainbow pasta!

Les Deux Marmottes Teas

Les Deux Marmottes teas (love the illustrations!)

Petits Beurres de Lorient

Petit-Beurres - butter and chocolate cookies

Delicious in more ways than one!

Weekend in Paris: Part 3

Patisserie des Reves 2

Our final day began with beautiful and delicious pasteries from La Patisserie des Reves in the 6th...

Patisserie des Reves


Bonton Paris

Bonton - one of the most inspiring stores in Paris!

Magna Carta Paris

Stationery and gifts at Magna Carta

Petit Pan

Petit Pan - another Paris favorite!


Pretty window at traditional French print shop

Bleu Comme Gris

Colorful children's scarves at Bleu Comme Gris


Beautiful Japanense-inspired children's clothes at Noro

Annik Goulal Parfums

Annick Goutal perfumes

Bar before opening Paris

A bar in the early morning
Parisian Street
A classic Parisian street view
The journey home
The journey home. A bientôt, Paris!

Weekend in Paris: Part 2

Jardin du Luxembourg carousel

Our weekend in Paris, continued! We spent our second day exploring Jardin du Luxembourg.

Jardin du Luxemboug  Carousel

It's the ideal place for kids and home this lovely 1879 vintage carousel designed by Charles Garnier (of Paris Opera fame).

Jardin des Enfants

We started at the Jardin des Enfants, where the little ones roamed the lawns...

Jardin des Enfants 2

... and splashed in the wading pools.

Jardin du Luxembourg Kiosk Menu

Next were yummy crepes from the kiosk by the carousel.

Jardin du Luxemboug  Kiosk from carousel

We admired the kiosk's design...

Jardin du Luxembourg kiosk sign

...the sweet sign...

Jardin du Luxeumbourg kioks awning

...the striped awning...

Jardin du Luxemboug Tennis Courts in Rain

...and a cozy interior seating area overlooking tennis courts, in case you get caught in a torrential downpour (which we did!).

Jardin du Luxemboug Art Gallery

We sheltered from the rain in the art gallery!

My only regret is that we didn't have time to rent the vintage toy sailboats! La prochaine fois!

Weekend in Paris: Part 1

Taxidermy Musee de la Chasse

After two weeks visiting our London office, I nipped away with my family to Paris for the weekend. Paris with two 16 month-olds felt a little daunting at first, but everything turned out beautifully (with the exception of a couple delicious meals that arrived too slowly for a toddler's taste, so were hastily wolfed down!).

Polar Bear Musee de la Chasse

First stop: La Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. My husband, J., was skeptical given my known obsession with taxidermy, but it proved to be creative, gorgeous, and amusing!

Flower market stall Paris

Strolling around the Marais, we spotted gorgeous fresh flowers from a street vendor...

Cute outfit Paris

... some fab outfits...

Madmen Book Paris

...a French book titled Madmen: Un Art de Vivre

Images and Portraits Paris

Vintage photography shop Images & Portraits

Tout a Loisirs Beads Paris

Gorgeous bead shop Tout a Loisirs...

IE Paris Marais

ie boutique - colorful Indo-European children's clothes and decor created by a Japanese stylist and a French-Nepalese architect.

Boys on La Promenade,jpg

The best part was just to "faire une promenade" around the streets (and boutiques!) of Paris. The evening's dinner (sans petits) was at Le Train Bleu at Gare du Lyon - a gorgeous beaux-arts interior serving traditional French cuisine. A lovely start to the weekend!

Studio Snapshot: Paris je t'aime!


Its no secret how much we love the Alameda Flea Market, but when we saw the photos of Les Puces from Lia's recent trip to Paris - we were très jaloux indeed! An endless maze of vintage clothes, books, housewares and enough retro packaging and ephemera to make your head spin!










There were even a few pieces that looked like they could have held court at Versailles. Move over Marie Antoinette, we may need to borrow your fainting couch.  Swoon!

Mark Shaw Fashion Photography

For a Friday fix of vintage fashion, view this jaw dropping collection of photos; we found them here. Some may be familiar to all you fashionistas and photo aficionados, but we know they'll never get old. Here's a few to whet your appetite:


Would love to have this for the holiday party, no?


Or maybe this...


And we would love to wear this any day.

Enjoy all your holiday get-togethers and festivities this weekend!

New Destination Wedding Save the Dates, Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings

'Tis the season for Save the Dates!  Haven't seen our new Lab Partners' Destination Wedding designs yet? Scroll and behold... WINV_VISITLOSAN_CHO-CUR-FUC

Makes us wish for warm, sunny SoCal.

Love the style but it's not your color palette?  Click for other Los Angeles Save the Dates colorways.  And if you're looking for matching Los Angeles Wedding Invitations, find them here!

If you favor the Northern California for your wedding, click on our San Francisco Save the Dates and San Francisco Wedding invitations. And if you're dreaming of Hawaii, or a similar beach setting, browse these beautiful Hawaii Save the Dates and Hawaii Wedding Invitations.

Traveling east a tad... we find our fabulous Las Vegas Save the Dates. Vintage Vegas, anyone? Oh, me, please!


If you've done Save the Dates, you can find Las Vegas Wedding Invitations as well— and they're pretty swell, too!


Chicago Save the Dates, featuring Grant Park against the skyline. Lovely! With matching Chicago Wedding Invitations.

Now, New Yorkers, we wouldn't leave you out—we go way back.  Browse our beautiful New York Save the Dates and New York Wedding Invitations. And, London, we love you! And your London Wedding Invitations!

Et finalement, Paris!


Picturesque Parisian perfection, non? Here are matching Paris Wedding Invitations and other colorways of Paris Save the Dates.

See them all on the Martha Stewart Weddings, here.



Ah! How cool is this shop?  It's called Serendipity and is, bien sûr, in Paris...We found it via Olivelse, a cute little shop (and blog!) that has tempted us many a time.  They make these awesome stuffed ukeleles...


Serendipity carries an eclectic selection of  charming unique objects from around the world...


These paint pot containers seem such a simple idea, but so cool...


How fabulous is this rug?



Love the bohemian vibe of these bed linens...



And this! A bowl for children made of silicon.  Genius.



So inspiring, non? If you happen to be lucky enough to be traipsing about Paris, you can find Serendipity here:  81-83, rue du Cherche-Midi
75006 Paris. Otherwise, visit their online shop here - lucky for us, they ship internationally! Vive l'internet!

Petit Pan

petitpan3 On a recent trip to Paris (oh, how we love thee!), we discovered Petit Pan - a charming little shop filled with all kinds of marvelous things...


Like this lil' rabbit, that came in his own "petite maison" (a cardboard box with holes cut out for his ears - one has to let the ears breathe, clearly!)


The aesthetic is heavily inspired by Chinese folk art and popular culture (no one does that particular shade of hot pink quite so well) but with that je ne sais quoi that is so very French...



Adorable bags...


Love these fabulous kites...


Love this children's chair SO MUCH...


In addition, they have a shop dedicated entirely to beads, baubles, ribbons, and fabrics and offer what are, no doubt, fabulous classes in drawing, textiles and kite-making, among others.


If you ever find yourself in Paris, you must visit - it is a truly magical little place.  You can order from them online here, or visit them in Paris here: 39 (the haberdashery) and 76 (the shop), Rue François Miron.