SF Bazaar This Weekend!

This weekend we will be participating in one of our all time favorite events! The SF Bazaar is a free entry craft festival showcasing local artists. It's the perfect opportunity to get your holiday shop on with so much crafty goodness to choose from, and multiple chances to win cool stuff! Read below for more info on entering to win! 

Share This link on your facebook & automatically enter to win 2 boxed sets of Hello!Lucky holiday cards! Winners announced at the event! Are you that person that never wins anything? That's okay! show up early and get a gift baskets! The first 200 people in the door take home the basket. Double your chances by sharing AND showing up to the event early. And remember, you're always a winner to us!

Win 50 Custom Holiday Photo Cards!

Sabrina and her family had a great photo shoot with Sarah at Modern Kids Co last weekend -- now they need to pick their holiday card. Can you help? Tell us your favorite in a comment below and we'll pick one person at random to receive 50 FREE custom holiday cards (value of $96). We love working with Sarah because she's an amazing photographer and specializes in kids (she's a former nanny!) and puts everyone at ease. She's able to capture beautiful candid shots from the chaos of family life (she also shot our neon birthday party a couple years back!)

HolidayBoughs Option 1- Holiday Boughs MidcenturyDoves Option 2- Mid-century Doves JoyeauxWreath Option 3- Joyeaux Wreath MerryChristmasStripes Option 4- Merry Christmas Stripes Confetti Option 5- Confetti GiveThanks Option 6- Give Thanks OurHomeConfettiSnow Option 7- Confetti Snow Papercut2 Option 8- Papercut PeaceLoveHappiness Option 9- Peace, Love Happiness

Which one is your favorite? All you have to do is post below to be in the running for 50 FREE personalized holiday cards!

Holiday Photo Cards

whimsical holiday cardsIntroducing our new holiday photo cards! Personalize the design of your choice to dazzle your family and friends. modern holiday card Take a more modern approach, or opt for whimsical, or perhaps go classic. kraft paper holiday card Your family’s photo is the final touch! For bigger families’ pick from our multiple photos per card selection, so you don't have to cram everyone in one! personalized christmas cards Get your card in place before Oct. 22nd and receive 20% off! Just enter EarlyCheer at checkout! Find our new holiday cards here! holiday photo card

Summer in France...

We're just back from a super amazing vacation in France - one week at this gorgeous little beach house in the town of Montalivet on the Atlantic coast, where Jude and his friend Hugo spent the week playing in the sand and sun and generally getting up to tons of hilarious 3 year old shenanigans.  There is nothing more relaxing on a family vacation than kids that are happily occupied!

At Plage du Pin Sec - endless miles of beach, shells to poke, surfers to watch...

Much time was spent doing absolutely nothing...

Or doing really important stuff like coaxing snails out of their shells...

We took the ferry to Royan to visit the Zoo de la Palmyre (completely amazing - the animals are close enough to touch in many cases - quite a different experience from the average American zoo), reading books before long afternoon naps, our bedroom window at the beach house (above which were roosting a family of doves - there's nothing quite like a late afternoon nap with the breeze in the curtains and the sounds cooing doves in the background)...

A brief pause in Bordeaux on our way to catch the train the Paris...the fountain at Place des Quinconces...

Oh how I LOVE Paris - every time we go, it just blows me away all over again.

The night before we got on the train to France, I told Jude (grooming him to be on my side for future campaigns for more French vacations) that we were going to spend a whole week eating gateaux, glace, fromage and croissants - he couldn't sleep he was so excited - and we did.  Macarons galore, chocolate every day! Vacation rules dictate that is is perfectly okay to have éclairs for lunch - who can resist a display like this after all?

Visited the Dynamo exhibit at Le Grand Palais - a pretty fabulous exhibit of notions of space, vision and light run through the abstract art of the 20th century which involved a lot fun of kinetic, op and light-based art which was a big hit with the toddler set. Here Jude enjoys a pretty remarkable installation piece that blurs the line between two and three dimensions.

Other highlights included the Galerie d'evolution in le Jardin des Plantes - literally like stepping into a cabinet of curiosities, hitting le Marais for the annual sales (held twice a year in January and July), le Musée de la chasse et de la nature (one of my all time favorite museums in the world), the carousel at Jardin du Luxembourg, and taking the Batobus down the Seine to get home one afternoon (touristy stigma aside, it was turned out to be a great way to get home after slogging all over Paris in the sun and Jude loved the boat ride.)

This adorable map from Herb Lester - Paris en Famille - a little guide to kid friendly places to check out in Paris, came in handy and had some great suggestions.

Happy Independence Day!


Sabrina had a great time making this cake with her kids to get ready for the holiday. We love that it uses fresh summer berries instead of colored frosting as decoration. And the best part -- it's chocolate cake inside! For the complete recipe head over to Epicurious.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend! We'll be taking off on Friday as well just to squeeze a little more sunshine out of summer.

Happy fourth of July!

Crafty Projects for your 4th of July Weekend

While we don't have a brand new DIY for your this 4th of July, we have plenty of craft projects in our arsenal that are perfect for celebrating the holiday and the long weekend ahead (we hope you have off or are taking off this Friday)! Last July we brought you this tea towel stencil DIY - this adorable design can be stenciled onto a table cloth, a pillow case or a plain white t-shirt.

We're guessing you'll be sipping something delicious this weekend-- these drink flags will turn any ordinary beverage into a party and can easily be made with some wooden dowels and scraps of paper. Even if you don't make them our stop motion how-to video is pretty fun to watch.

Here's a recipe for a super simple but delicious lemon poppy seed ice cream. You can bring it to your picnic in the park! Invite download available here.

Whatever you do this holiday weekend we hope you get plenty of sunshine and relaxation!

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Last week Sabrina took her three boys to go visit Santa in Union Square. The city is so festive and cheery this time of year, so it's always a must to go see all the new decorations. Of course with Santa in the agenda, the twins were definitely on board. They stopped inside the Westin Saint Francis to get a view of the square. That tree was enormous! And with a birds eye view of the festivities below,  Alex and James were starry eyed with excitement.

Inside the Westin was a beautiful tree so they stopped to scope out the ornaments and pick a favorite. But the real favorite was their visit with Santa. We think William will definitely grow to be a calm, cool, and collected little dude, since he's the only one posing for the photo! No matter the photo, it's always the memories we keep forever. Thanks to Macy's Santaland!

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

Our final group of employee wish lists come from H!L friends near and far. Iain and Hamad always send festive gifts to our San Francisco team, and Sabrina is always sure to send an extra holiday surprise to the two based in London. They're all wishing big this year!

Iain's ideal wish list items include quite a fabulous investment. He's dreaming of his holiday in a new home in Northern Italy, some furry friends to keep him company, and some cozy accessories in the winter months. Sounds dreamy!

1. Italian Castle 2. Irish Wolfhounds 3. Alpaca Bed Socks

Hamad is also dreaming of traveling the world and bringing along some essentials for the trip. We might have to join him on his journey to the most beautiful places on the globe.

1. A trip (first class) around the world 2. Tom Ford Fragrance 3. Smythson Soho Diary

Sabrina is wishing bright this year! Her colorful top three include some cozy accessories for hanging around home with her kids. She has great taste for bright colors and bold patterns so her wish list items definitely compliment her style.

1. Leon Baking & Desserts 2. J.Crew Liberty Pajamas 3. Erin Flett Cushions

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

This second to last wish list comes from H!L employees Laura, Leslie, and Lyndsey. If you haven't noticed by now, we have 5 "L" names in the same office space, but these lovely ladies each have their own charm.

Laura has been a huge help to us this past summer and holiday season. She has an infectious laugh and we adore her sense of humor. Her wish list items definitely suit her lively personality, and we want to come along for the ride!

1. Sidecar Motorcycle (to fit her dog Buzz!) 2. Free People Hat 3. Cricket Trailer

Leslie's love for Santa Barbara must have influenced her top three this year. She's always willing to dish out great recipes and has excellent taste. Her wish list items are big and small, and we really do want them all!

1. Handmade Bread Board 2. Crème de Violette 3. A Yurt in Santa Barbara

Lyndsey is wishing in white this year. Her top three items will keep her company - and keep her cozy - with a little bling to highlight her bright style and hilarious personality.

1. American Bull Dog Mix 2. Bow Ring 3. Cashmere Knit Throw

Happy holidays to all! We hope you get everything you wished for this year!

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

Our next group of employees dishing their top three holiday gifts is Lia, Anna, and Holly. Each of these ladies embrace their crafty side while constantly updating their personal wardrobe. With style, leisure, and decor in check, each of these wish list items are want-worthy this year.

Lia's weekend roadtrip inspired wish list captures her timeless taste, and her eye for perfect plaid. We can picture her hopping a train for a winter vacation sporting all her new gifts in style.

1. Orvis Satchel 2. Jack Wills Fairstorm Blazer 3. Nancy Mitford Highland Fling

Anna is constantly seeking out items for their beauty and function. With her wish list items wrapped up she'll be organized and stylish - at home and about.

1. Illesteva Leonard II Safari Shades 2. Lucite Tape Dispenser 3. Chestnut Paper Origami Lampshade

Holly is a daily traveler from the East Bay into the city and all around, but she manages to still keep things chic. Her wish list items would make travel a breeze - including a dream trip to Tahiti for some sunshine!

1. Bryna Willow Clutch 2. Pendleton Painted Hills Umbrella 3. Trip to Tahiti

More employee wish lists to come!

Seasonal and New Year's Cards

Didn't get a chance to send holiday cards yet? There's no need to worry! Seasonal cards and New Years cards are the perfect way to send friends and family some holiday cheer, and there's no deadline! Lots of our cards were made to mail at any time - so even after Christmas has passed you can still strike those holiday cards off your to-do list.

Some are old, some are new. Some are pink, and some are blue! We've got cards in every style and for every taste.

Shop all phoho New Year's cards here, and letterpress holiday cards here. Enter code LUCKY2012 at checkout for 15% off your order of holiday photo cards through 1/6/13.

Shown above: Good Cheer Amazing New Year, New Year's Eve Parade, Happy New Year

Photographs by Edyta Szyszlo

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

The gentlemen that work in our studio all have their own interests and style, so we're extra excited to bring their wish lists to the blog today! James, Jon, and Stewey were sure to include their big ticket items - even a car made the cut! Check out their must haves below.

The holiday spirit knows no limit, so when we asked printer James what he was hoping for, he didn't hesitate. His top three items are unique but definitely suit his vintage-loving personality.

1. Subscription to Sausage of the Month Club 2. Sliver Canoe 3. 1964 Ford Ranchero

Jonathan is known for his love of beer - and his home brew skills never disappoint - so we weren't surprised that his wish list items include his favorite brewers publications! Plus, he threw in some practical printers accessories for keeping things clean around the studio.

1. For the Love of Hops 2. Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation 3. General Tools Pocket Protector

Stewey's mid-western roots have prepared him for any cold winter weather, and he'll need to bundle up when he heads home for the holidays! His wish list items are classic, practical, and will help keep him warm/attentive during the cold, dreary days.

1. Everlane Essential Belt 2. Starbucks Verismo Brewer 3. Everlane Scottish Scarf

Stay tuned for more H!L Employee Wish Lists this week!

DIY Neon Ornament Wall Decals

Christmas is literally almost here but there's still time to spread some cheer around your home! We're big fans of decorating with items already found around the house, and since we're paper geeks, this DIY is dear to our hearts. Looking back at 2012 it was definitely the year of neon. Remember the boys' second birthday party? And our new neon kids birthday party invitations? We thought we'd spend one last time this year indulging in our neon fix before another fabulous trend comes in 2013. These DIY neon ornament wall decals were inspired the hot air balloon decals made by Gosh and Golly shown in Sabrina's nursery. Full instructions below!


Neon Paper, Silver Paper, Mug & pencil - or circle-cutter, Scissors, Glue stick, Silver wire or ornament hooks, Hot Glue + Gun, Glue dots or sticky-tac

How To:

Step 1. Trace your circles onto sheets of colored paper and cut out with scissors. This part takes patience, unless you have a handy circle cutter at home. They come in all sizes, but 4" is a happy medium. As long as your circles are all the same size it will work.

Step 2. Choose three colored circles and fold them in half.

Step 3. Glue the back of both sides of the center circle, then adhere to one side of the other two.

Step 4. Cut your silver paper into three 1" x .5" strips. Fold in half (hamburger style!) and glue one half of the back (hotdog style!) Then place at the top end of each of your folded circles.

Step 5. Cut your wire into 3" strips and fold the top .5" over with your finger. Or, if you have spare ornament hooks lying around, you can use those just as well. Place a small dab of hot glue on the back (flat side) of your paper ornament and set the flat end of the wire in place.

Step 6. When you're ready to display, place a dab of sticky-tac or a small glue dot on the back and you're done! Be careful when you remove the wall decals that you do not remove too quickly. With glue dots you can slowly peel of and rub the excess off with a finger, or twist to remove. Sticky-tac is probably more gentle on paint but the decals might not stay in place as long.

Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!

Hello!Lucky Holiday Party

Our annual Hello!Lucky employee holiday party was a big success! We try to get creative with our gift-giving and this year we did just that - got creative! Everyone handmade each of their gifts and we exchanged them at Lyndsey's Twin Peaks apartment above the glowing city lights. We knew everyone had hidden talents but we were blown away with the final product! All our employees went above and beyond and the night was one to remember.

Jon, our house brewer, brewed a winter beer and even created his own labels! Heather also made up a special batch of pumpkin liqueur - and it was delicious with all the treats from the night! Kelly C. made adorable s'more kits, and Lyndsey made homemade cookie butter! Stewey made his famous Stewey's Cheweys and also his famous knit coasters! (Did you see them on the Huffington Post?) Holly made amazing snow globes, James tied some awesome rope door stops, and Shayna handmade her winter scented candles!

Laura made gorgeous pine wreathes and Lillian sewed individual cocktail napkins. Below you can see Lia's adorable felt houses, all lit up with mini lights. It's the perfect decor!

Christina got crafty with her mini terrariums, and spruced them up with some festive holiday deer! The room was overflowing with holiday spirit, and everyone couldn't wait to exchange.

Even more delicious snacks from Eunice and Sabrina's holiday cookies, and Leslie made homemade granola in these sweet little jars.

Each person brought five gifts and each person left with five. As the night went on, surprise Karaoke evolved and we all had a grand ol' time.

Thanks Lyndsey for hosting and the entire HL crew for celebrating such a wonderful year! Here's to 2013!

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

The next group of Hello!Lucky Employees all have their own personal sense of style. Whether they are spending time shopping around the city or cozying up at home, their wish list items are all unique. The lovely ladies on deck are Christina, Heather, and Lillian!

Christina, our marketing director, has a bold color palette, and we love her massive collection of stylish dresses. She was sure to add one more to her list along with some fun accessories to match!

1. Viuhka Earrings from Curator SF 2. Candystore Collective Dress 3. Clare Vivier Striped Tote

Heather is known for her love of eclectic and vintage style. As our wholesale manager, she's always keeping track of our greeting cards so organization is key. Plus, she's always got some great tunes playin' for our team! Her wish list items are definitely her style.

1. Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Activity Kit 2. Crosley Mini Turntable 3. Yellow Owl Workshop Color Wheel Necklace

Lillian is the wearer of all hats. She's working in product management, customer service, design consulting, and much more. Her style is easy-breezy, with comfort and classic taste in mind. And she's a master chef at home. We love that her wish list items all match!

1. KitchenAid Pasta Attachment 2. Smartwool Adventure Socks 3. Heather Flax Cashmere Sweater from J.Crew

Stay tuned for more employee wish lists!

Handcrafted Holiday by Creativebug

Join Creativebug in their mission to take back the Handcrafted Holiday! Our friends and craft extraordinaire's are offering a weeks worth of FREE handcrafted holiday workshops! It's a great way to get involved with Creativebug and their fabulous DIY ideas. Plus, it makes a terrific gift for your crafty friends. A gift subscription comes with 1-6 months worth of drool-worthy DIY and who knows, maybe your friend will even invite you along for the fun. You can get detailed instructions on our pom pom garland, cake toppers, and photo booth backdrop, along with tons of other inspiring tutorials. Check out the free holiday workshops here!

H!L Employee Wish Lists

With so many stylish and creative employees, we're dying to know what they are wishing for this holiday. All of our friends at Hello!Lucky are multi-talented, many with crafty hobbies and passions that we rarely get to see in our studio. So this year we're all dishing out our top three wish list items - and the sky's the limit! First on deck are our three talented designers, Kelly, Eunice, and Shayna.

Meet Kelly! She's one of our newest employees, and we love her laid back sense of style. Her top three wish list items will definitely get the inspiration flowing.

1. Brother Sewing Machine 2. Prussia Satchel 3. Subscription to Kinfolk Magazine

We knew Eunice would come up with some fabulous wish list items this year. With her colorful personality and sophisticated style she's got some real winners on her list!

1. Polaroid Z2300 2. Alder & Co. Enamel Locket 3. Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch

Shayna's always on the go, so her wish list items are practical and stylish! We can just picture her now cruising on her bike with that leather strap backpack and grooving to some tunes on those new headphones.

1. Fjall Raven Rucksack 2. Eskuche Headphones 3. Kiehls Eye Alert

Stay tuned for more Hello!Lucky employee wish lists!


Pin it to win it! Letterpress Holiday Cards Edition

We're thrilled to announce the next edition of Pin it to Win it! This time we're giving away a box set of letterpress holiday cards! Our letterpress cards are printed on a vintage press on 100% recycled paper, and in festive color palettes perfect for sending holiday cheer. To play, just pin any box set from this page of our website or an image from this blog post. Once you have pinned your image, leave a comment below this post with the URL to your pin so we can check it out.

Just like last time we’ll randomly pick one lucky person to win a free box set of 6 cards. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, December 14th. **A winner has been chosen and contacted via email. Thanks for participating and stay tuned for more Pin It to Win It giveaways!

Good luck!