Happy Halloween! + DIY Skull Cookie Cutters

Are you getting excited for Halloween? We are! We had so much fun creating our DIY Sidewalk Skulls, we couldn't help but recreate them into edible cookie pops.

First we made DIY skull cookie cutters. All you need is a circular cookie cutter (about 4" in diameter) and pliers (optional). Simply pinch the sides with your fingers, or use pliers to create a more defined bend. Using this recipe from Sweetapolita, our sugar cookies were perfectly prepared and held our cookie pops with pride. You can customize your cookies to any color, or get creative to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (November 1st)!

Bake a batch and bring these to work or to Halloween parties! And let us know in the comments if you have any other go-to Halloween recipes you love making.

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DIY Lemon Poppy Seed Ice Cream

In keeping with our summer DIY theme, we wanted to bring you a tasty DIY treat. If it's a hot day, the last thing we want to do is stay inside while a hot oven raises the indoor temperature, so we figured a recipe that involves a freezer would settle better. There are lots of easy at home ice cream recipes floating around the web, but when we stumbled upon this two ingredient ice cream recipe, a few questions were raised. Could it be true? What would it taste like? It tastes like heaven. Who would have thought these two simple ingredients could produce such a divine flavor. Well we couldn't help but try out our own version so if you're into trying something new, try our lemon poppy seed ice cream with fresh blackberries. Instructions below!

 Materials: 1/2 cup honey, 2 cups whipping cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1 teaspoon poppy seeds, fresh blackberries to serve

How To: (adapted from this recipe)

Step 1. Whip 1.5 cups of whipping cream until it forms stiff peaks. Stir in vanilla and lemon juice. Refrigerate. Step 2. Pour honey into a saucepan. Heat on low until it is very runny and add the remaining 1/2 cup of cream. Stir together until well blended. Step 3. Add honey/cream mixture to the whipped cream. Whisk until well blended. Add the poppy seeds. Step 4. Freeze for about 6 hours until the mixture is the consistency of ice cream.


found via Curbly via Mommy Knows

DIY Father's Day Cupcake Toppers

Good Monday morning to all of our favorite readers! We want to start off on this week ahead with a new (and remarkably easy) Father's Day craft. These mini DIY paper crown cupcake toppers are the royal icing on the [cup]cake for your dad's day this year. Show him how much he means to you by customizing his crown with precious jewels, a photo, or even a personal note. Make him feel like the king he is!


Colored Paper, craft knife, ruler, pencil, craft glue or tape (whatever you have around) and the cupcake topper template. Download below!

Cupcake Topper Template

How to:

Step 1. Print out the cupcake topper template.

Step 2. Trace the outline onto your colored paper. We've created three different designs - fit for all types of kings.

Step 3. Cut out your crown with a craft knife and ruler. This part takes time and patience!

Step 4. Place glue on the outside of the tab and secure to the inside of the crown.

Step 5. Display! We chose Martha Stewart's Devil's Food Cupcake recipe for a rich, flavorful treat. What dad doesn't love chocolate??

 Happy crafting!

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Lucky Friday # 68, Thanks a Brunch!

Hello all you lucky folks out there! This is the 68th edition of our Lucky Friday Giveaway.  Each Friday we feature one of our letterpress greeting cards. We’ll choose THREE LUCKY WINNERS to get a free card.  Post a comment by 12 p.m. PST the following Thursday, and we’ll announce the winners on the following Friday!

The winners from last week are (drum roll, please): Karen, Karolina and Kyle! We’ll contact you next week to arrange sending your Better with Age card.

Design: Thanks a Brunch Artist: Eunice Moyle Inspiration: We had a short stack of ideas— we didn't want the design to be over-easy or too syrupy sweet, so the smorgasbord result suited us to a tea! Who to send it to: A friend who's a fiend with a French press, who's bringin' and makin' the bacon, and who's got a sure cure for what ails you in the A.M. Ideas we scrapped in favor of this one: The "Toastest with the Mostest," "Eggs-cellent Job," and "You Take the Pancake!" cards were all wrapped up, thankfully, in one big brunch bonanza. Favorite detail: Took us a sec to figure why the toast is wearing a beret. Guess we might need a spot of that coffee. Why letterpress? Good grapes, can't get over that gorgeous purple overprinting!

Don’t forget to post your comment and tune in next week, same time, different stationery, to see if you’ve won!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is May 13th and although there are endless ways to say "I love you," we chose a few of our favorite gifts and accessories that would make any mom smile.

1. Starting out with these coral Signature Ballet Flats from L.L. Bean, your mom will love a splash of color to liven up her spring wardrobe.

2. Gardening gloves can come in handy even if your mom doesn't have a green thumb! Use them when spring cleaning or simply raking the yard. These chic Fleur de Lis gloves will get her ready for some hands-on fun!

3. You can never have enough bags. This modern lattice dopp kit from Hammocks and High Tea is the ultimate travel accessory, and can help prevent any liquid mishaps from happening on that much needed summer vacation.

4. Continuing with the bright coral color trends, Laura Mercier's Sheer.Bold.Tres.Chic gel lipstick is a great gift for any woman - old or young!

5. Love mom's homemade cooking? She'll have lots more to offer after flipping through The Preservation Kitchen by Paul Virant. With expert guidance and brilliant flavor combinations your mom will be glued to her kitchen trying new techniques of canning and storing, and of course, eating. Just hope she's willing to share!

6. These white ceramic candlesticks by Tourne will work wonders in her home, and you won't have to worry about matching her color palette since these pure and simple home accessories go with everything.

7. Don't stop there! Pair mom's gift with a totally practical and virtually indestructible apron by Tourne as well. And while you're at it - browse the entire Brook Farm General Store for gifts for Father's Day too (June 17th)!

8. Personal Stationery makes the perfect gift year-round, but with so many new designs choose from [and $25 off orders of $100+] your mom won't be able to thank you enough. Don't forget to use the code TREATYOURSELF.

9. One of the best presents a mom could get is probably quality time with her kids. Sit down over a cup of this Bellocq breakfast tea and reminisce over good times.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. We love you!

Field Trip to The Ice Cream Bar

We're lucky to live in one of the most food-focused cities in the US and it's safe to say that all of us here at Hello!Lucky appreciate checking out the many culinary treats San Francisco has to offer. This past Friday we closed the studio a little early and headed to The Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley.

The sweet ice cream and artisanal soda shop opened just a few months ago and we fell in love with the old time aesthetic of the place as soon as we walked through the doors.

The fixtures, furniture, and signs transported us right back to the 1930s and we can vouch for their delicious sundaes and soda drinks.

If you're in the Bay Area or planning a visit anytime soon we highly recommend a visit to The Ice Cream Bar. Psst! We hear it gets pretty packed on the weekends so it might be best to make the trip on a weekday afternoon.

The Ice Cream Bar - 815 Cole Street @ Carl

Featured: Food Network Magazine


It's not every day that a wedding and social stationery company makes an appearance in Food Network Magazine, but we were simmering with excitement when we saw our new We Belong card featured in the Food Network's roundup of delicious cards for "culinary lovebirds." Our team is constantly tasting new recipes from their magazine and television shows, and must admit, we're smitten by such a sweet recognition!


Must Have! Letterpress Cookie Cutters


When we spotted these Letter Pressed Cookie Cutter Stamps on Swissmiss we immediately started scheming on reasons to order them.  Who could refuse "will you marry me" spelled out in sweet treats?  And wedding guests would love to nibble on monogrammed favor cookies post-party.  A giant letterpressed cookie invitation might be going a bit too far but we're sure creative minds will find endless uses for these darling type tools!ref=as_li_ss_tl-1

Featuring EIEIO and Giveaway!


Today we're delighted to feature the adorable Jean Orlebeke of eieio papers! We love Jean's designs because she has a totally unique style, and her collection stands out with it's embellished and geometric flare. Not only did eieio come up with these awesome designs for our holiday collection this year, but she also designed a few of our most popular wedding invitations! Check out her shop of prints here and scroll down for a holiday giveaway!

What inspired your design for the holiday collection?

To get in the holiday mood I put the sound track for Charlie Brown's Christmas on and chose a few eieio 'classic' wraps to translate into cards. Usually I try to design wraps that are more embellished or festive than the rest of the eieio designs. I typically don't use classic holiday color palettes, as my customers are small shops, and want the wrap to work in January as well. Instead I add a metallic ink, a gloss varnish or draw a motif that is ornate. I had so much fun re-coloring some of my favorite designs into classic holiday colors.

What are you currently working on?

My work is around 70% branding and identity. Right now I am working on two new identity projects: a perfume label and a film festival. I'm also working on some textile designs and the interface for an educational Earth Sciences product.

What influences your style the most?

Modern sculpture, natural forms, fiber art.

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

My family's Christmas Eve casual dinner. My mother always made a big buffet, which included everyone's favorites. We would make up our plates (several times) and eat sitting around the fireplace. Before we went to bed we had a funny ritual that my dad would tape each year: each of us would enter the room doing silly improv dances and make a grandiose presentation of hanging our stockings up on the fireplace. My mom's was always the most dramatic performance. She would hang up a thigh-hi stocking -- which in our family was a punchline that never got old.

Best holiday memory?

I always wanted a cat when I was growing up and on one Christmas Eve (I was 13), as I walked through the kitchen I saw a tiny gray paw reaching out from under the basement door. My parents were planning to give her to me on Christmas morning, but there was no way that little kitty was going to spend the night in the cold basement alone!




To enter to win a 2 boxes of Hello!Lucky letterpress holiday cards, leave a comment below telling us your favorite foods to eat during the holidays. We will choose a winner on Monday November 14th at 12:00pm. Good luck!

**A winner has been chosen! Thanks for participating!**

Letterpress love: Menus for Chez Panisse


Ahh, the world of letterpress shines again. Menus for Chez Panisse is a visual record of forty years of food, love, and appreciation for fine printing. In this unbelievable collection of letterpress menus printed by Patricia Curtan, you will find images of hand carved linoleum block illustrations and lead type text describing the mouthwatering ingredients from the early days of Chez Panisse. In the early 1970s when Alice Waters first opened the iconic Berkeley restaurant, Patricia printed the menus. by hand. for years. and we are gushing.


It's almost painful to imagine how many restaurants treat menus these days, when Alice Waters presented her guests with hand printed art at their dinner plate. It just goes to show how a nice quality menu really enhances the dining experience!

menu5 Be sure to purchase your own copy of Menus for Chez Panisse here or here.

Photos from Mint

You Say Tomato, I say Tomato!


It's no secret that our Hello!Lucky employees are naturally gifted in the cooking department. We're always ooing and awing over the savory snacks and sweet treats that are brought in to the studio for lunch or to share. And there is no better way to bring fresh ingredients to the mix than by hand selecting them straight from the farm! Last weekend Lillian and Anna had the once-a-year opportunity to visit Eatwell Farms, a family run farm in Dixon, California for their annual Tomato Saucing/Canning Party, and boy was it worth the hard work!


We first picked the most ripened tomatoes and washed them up in a big bucket. We sliced the tomatoes and boiled them until the skin was soft and peel-able. It truly was a test of patience - we could have eaten them all raw!

Placement is key at an event like this. Being first time canning goers, we needed to scout for the canners that knew their stuff. Luckily our table mates were professionals and came with state-of-the-art canning equipment, and were nice enough to share! This device rotates using a hand drill, peeling the skin and sifting the seeds, leaving a nice puree sauce.


After the sauce was strained through cheesecloth, it was ready to be boiled and canned! We couldn't believe how bright the reds and persimmons of the sauce were. And the farm provided fresh bundles of basil to add to the flavor. Can't you just smell the herbs from here??


Living in the Bay Area definitely come with its perks. One of the most special is being in such a close vicinity to homegrown fruits and vegetables. As a special treat, we both took home a basket full of prime ripened heirloom tomatoes, the cream of the crop!


Thanks Eatwell Farms for hosting such a fun and educational event! We'll definitely be back next year!


If you're interested in joining the Eatwell CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) click here!