Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

Our final group of employee wish lists come from H!L friends near and far. Iain and Hamad always send festive gifts to our San Francisco team, and Sabrina is always sure to send an extra holiday surprise to the two based in London. They're all wishing big this year!

Iain's ideal wish list items include quite a fabulous investment. He's dreaming of his holiday in a new home in Northern Italy, some furry friends to keep him company, and some cozy accessories in the winter months. Sounds dreamy!

1. Italian Castle 2. Irish Wolfhounds 3. Alpaca Bed Socks

Hamad is also dreaming of traveling the world and bringing along some essentials for the trip. We might have to join him on his journey to the most beautiful places on the globe.

1. A trip (first class) around the world 2. Tom Ford Fragrance 3. Smythson Soho Diary

Sabrina is wishing bright this year! Her colorful top three include some cozy accessories for hanging around home with her kids. She has great taste for bright colors and bold patterns so her wish list items definitely compliment her style.

1. Leon Baking & Desserts 2. J.Crew Liberty Pajamas 3. Erin Flett Cushions

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

Our next group of employees dishing their top three holiday gifts is Lia, Anna, and Holly. Each of these ladies embrace their crafty side while constantly updating their personal wardrobe. With style, leisure, and decor in check, each of these wish list items are want-worthy this year.

Lia's weekend roadtrip inspired wish list captures her timeless taste, and her eye for perfect plaid. We can picture her hopping a train for a winter vacation sporting all her new gifts in style.

1. Orvis Satchel 2. Jack Wills Fairstorm Blazer 3. Nancy Mitford Highland Fling

Anna is constantly seeking out items for their beauty and function. With her wish list items wrapped up she'll be organized and stylish - at home and about.

1. Illesteva Leonard II Safari Shades 2. Lucite Tape Dispenser 3. Chestnut Paper Origami Lampshade

Holly is a daily traveler from the East Bay into the city and all around, but she manages to still keep things chic. Her wish list items would make travel a breeze - including a dream trip to Tahiti for some sunshine!

1. Bryna Willow Clutch 2. Pendleton Painted Hills Umbrella 3. Trip to Tahiti

More employee wish lists to come!

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

The gentlemen that work in our studio all have their own interests and style, so we're extra excited to bring their wish lists to the blog today! James, Jon, and Stewey were sure to include their big ticket items - even a car made the cut! Check out their must haves below.

The holiday spirit knows no limit, so when we asked printer James what he was hoping for, he didn't hesitate. His top three items are unique but definitely suit his vintage-loving personality.

1. Subscription to Sausage of the Month Club 2. Sliver Canoe 3. 1964 Ford Ranchero

Jonathan is known for his love of beer - and his home brew skills never disappoint - so we weren't surprised that his wish list items include his favorite brewers publications! Plus, he threw in some practical printers accessories for keeping things clean around the studio.

1. For the Love of Hops 2. Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation 3. General Tools Pocket Protector

Stewey's mid-western roots have prepared him for any cold winter weather, and he'll need to bundle up when he heads home for the holidays! His wish list items are classic, practical, and will help keep him warm/attentive during the cold, dreary days.

1. Everlane Essential Belt 2. Starbucks Verismo Brewer 3. Everlane Scottish Scarf

Stay tuned for more H!L Employee Wish Lists this week!

Hello!Lucky Holiday Party

Our annual Hello!Lucky employee holiday party was a big success! We try to get creative with our gift-giving and this year we did just that - got creative! Everyone handmade each of their gifts and we exchanged them at Lyndsey's Twin Peaks apartment above the glowing city lights. We knew everyone had hidden talents but we were blown away with the final product! All our employees went above and beyond and the night was one to remember.

Jon, our house brewer, brewed a winter beer and even created his own labels! Heather also made up a special batch of pumpkin liqueur - and it was delicious with all the treats from the night! Kelly C. made adorable s'more kits, and Lyndsey made homemade cookie butter! Stewey made his famous Stewey's Cheweys and also his famous knit coasters! (Did you see them on the Huffington Post?) Holly made amazing snow globes, James tied some awesome rope door stops, and Shayna handmade her winter scented candles!

Laura made gorgeous pine wreathes and Lillian sewed individual cocktail napkins. Below you can see Lia's adorable felt houses, all lit up with mini lights. It's the perfect decor!

Christina got crafty with her mini terrariums, and spruced them up with some festive holiday deer! The room was overflowing with holiday spirit, and everyone couldn't wait to exchange.

Even more delicious snacks from Eunice and Sabrina's holiday cookies, and Leslie made homemade granola in these sweet little jars.

Each person brought five gifts and each person left with five. As the night went on, surprise Karaoke evolved and we all had a grand ol' time.

Thanks Lyndsey for hosting and the entire HL crew for celebrating such a wonderful year! Here's to 2013!

Hello!Lucky Employee Wish Lists

The next group of Hello!Lucky Employees all have their own personal sense of style. Whether they are spending time shopping around the city or cozying up at home, their wish list items are all unique. The lovely ladies on deck are Christina, Heather, and Lillian!

Christina, our marketing director, has a bold color palette, and we love her massive collection of stylish dresses. She was sure to add one more to her list along with some fun accessories to match!

1. Viuhka Earrings from Curator SF 2. Candystore Collective Dress 3. Clare Vivier Striped Tote

Heather is known for her love of eclectic and vintage style. As our wholesale manager, she's always keeping track of our greeting cards so organization is key. Plus, she's always got some great tunes playin' for our team! Her wish list items are definitely her style.

1. Yellow Owl Workshop Stamp Activity Kit 2. Crosley Mini Turntable 3. Yellow Owl Workshop Color Wheel Necklace

Lillian is the wearer of all hats. She's working in product management, customer service, design consulting, and much more. Her style is easy-breezy, with comfort and classic taste in mind. And she's a master chef at home. We love that her wish list items all match!

1. KitchenAid Pasta Attachment 2. Smartwool Adventure Socks 3. Heather Flax Cashmere Sweater from J.Crew

Stay tuned for more employee wish lists!

H!L Employee Wish Lists

With so many stylish and creative employees, we're dying to know what they are wishing for this holiday. All of our friends at Hello!Lucky are multi-talented, many with crafty hobbies and passions that we rarely get to see in our studio. So this year we're all dishing out our top three wish list items - and the sky's the limit! First on deck are our three talented designers, Kelly, Eunice, and Shayna.

Meet Kelly! She's one of our newest employees, and we love her laid back sense of style. Her top three wish list items will definitely get the inspiration flowing.

1. Brother Sewing Machine 2. Prussia Satchel 3. Subscription to Kinfolk Magazine

We knew Eunice would come up with some fabulous wish list items this year. With her colorful personality and sophisticated style she's got some real winners on her list!

1. Polaroid Z2300 2. Alder & Co. Enamel Locket 3. Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch

Shayna's always on the go, so her wish list items are practical and stylish! We can just picture her now cruising on her bike with that leather strap backpack and grooving to some tunes on those new headphones.

1. Fjall Raven Rucksack 2. Eskuche Headphones 3. Kiehls Eye Alert

Stay tuned for more Hello!Lucky employee wish lists!


Employee Spotlight: Lillian

Lillian joined the Hello!Lucky team in 2010 and since then has proven her graciousness, patience, and positivity throughout every role she takes on. She's helped brides discover their wedding style, helped web developers update new products, and helped customers on a daily basis. A native of Vermont, her calm personality always brings joy to our studio, and so do the mouthwatering treats she shares with our staff. We always go to her for recipe ideas, and where to find all things stripes. Here's a little more about Lillian...

My role at Hello!Lucky is... Website improvement! Overseeing new website updates, providing tech support, and product managing--we wear a lot of hats here!

I can't get through the day without... coffee and leftovers from last nights dinner (and of course cooking when I get home)

My ideal weekend activities include... taking a day trip up to Sonoma or down the coast for some fresh air; usually accompanied by a stop at a winery or microbrewery

Favorite Hello!Lucky design... I love the Tuscany suite, and Heirloom Harvest reminds me of my home state of Vermont

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky... call us, live chat us, email us... and you'll probably get the same four people every time (myself included)!

Employee Spotlight: Jonathan

Next under the heat of the Hello!Lucky Employee Spotlight is Jonathan. Jonathan is our handy pressroom assistant, which requires that he wear multiple hats. Among all his lovable characteristics, our favorites might be his enthusiasm for printmaking and willingness to help others (especially in the trade department!). His musical talents are as impressive as his homebrewing, which we openly welcome during H!L staff meetings. We asked Jon a few questions about himself...

My role at Hello!Lucky is...

urgent care.

I can't get through the day without....

gnartapes, homebrew podcasts, and a big cup of coffee, black as midnight on a moonless night....with lots of cream.

My ideal weekend activities include....

shredding the freedom.

My favorite pressroom activity is....

yeah, printing.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky.....

Crocs are the new Chuck Taylors.

Employee Spotlight: Lia

Lia is our next lovely employee under the spotlight! She knows all there is to know about putting together a stellar wedding suite. If you are looking for something custom, Lia has the answers to your questions. We love Lia because of her graciousness when working with brides, and for her extraordinary ability to find the best items at local thrift shops. Plus, she occasionally brings our favorite furry friend Charlie to the office for a visit! We asked her a few questions:

My role at Hello!Lucky is....

To oversee the little elves that keep our brides and grooms happy!

I can't get through the day without....

Pandora Hip Hop radio in the morning and a box of Lemon-Head & Friends in the afternoon.

My ideal weekend activities include....

Thrift shopping, reading books, eating snacks and training my puppy to behave like a person (standing on hind legs, sitting in chairs, closing doors and the like).

Most memorable bride-zilla moment you've encountered....

Bride-zilla? Never heard of it ; )

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky.....

We have a very attractive water delivery man.

What's your best advice for brides? Or what do you wish you could tell all brides?

Be organized, plan ahead but also accept that something will always go awry and the most awkward bloopers can become the best memories.  And if all else fails, make sure to serve strong cocktails at the reception.

Employee Spotlight: Kelly

Kelly is next in our employee spotlight series and we are so excited to share a little bit about her. Kelly has been with Hello!Lucky since the very beginning. She has done just about every job here from working with brides to shipping and folding greeting cards. These days she helps keep our website running like a well-oiled machine, while graciously allowing us to use her son's photo in almost all of our sample birth announcements. We love Kelly for her sense of humor, effortless style, and the stories she can tell about the early days at Hello!Lucky!

My role at Hello!Lucky is...

To help keep things chugging along.  I am focused on operations and our website right now.

I can't get through the day without...

Drinking copious amounts of water and eating snacks on a regular basis.  I'm a tad cranky when hungry.

My ideal weekend activities include...

Having no plans whatsoever, movies, good food, good company, and daytime cocktails.  Now that I have a 1-year-old?  Precious and elusive sleep... and daytime cocktails.

My favorite Hello!Lucky memory is...

Calling the studio with ideas for the Barbecue Parade card while on the bus. I got more than a few glances when I suggested that the card needed an ear of corn shucking itself.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky.....

The head honchos are former fashion models. I've seen pictorial proof.

Employee Spotlight: Meet Max

Technically, Max isn't at a desk all day, and that's the way he likes it! He's one of our pressmen here at Hello!Lucky. He keeps our vintage presses humming along and masterfully cranks out our letterpress greeting cards. He knows all there is to know about letterpress and we love him for his easy going attitude and sense of humor.

My role at Hello!Lucky is...


I can't get through the day without...

apple and peanut-butter.

My ideal weekend activities include...

sleeping, walking, separately.

My favorite Hello!Lucky design to print is...

Wiser, and anything by Julia Rothman.

If I wasn't a pressman I'd be...

a fishmonger.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky...

it used to be a billiards supply.

Stewey's Knitted Coasters

Do you have extra yarn laying around from unfinished craft projects? Take a tip from Stewey who turns his yarn scraps into colorful coasters for the cast of Hello!Lucky. Knitting is a bit daunting for Stewey, so to get practice and keep things manageable he whips out these small practice squares. It's a great way to use up extra yarn while preventing coffee and other drinks from making a mess on any pretty H!L stationery. And we love all the pops of color these sweet coasters bring to our desks!

Employee Spotlight: Heather

The next lovely lady on deck for our employee spotlight series is Heather! With her calm-cool-and-collected presence, Heather manages our wholesale department with constant grace. Not only does she have an impressive wardrobe of vintage clothing, she keeps a record player at her desk! We admire her patience and consider ourselves lucky to have her on our team.

My role at Hello!Lucky is...

Wholesale Manager/Card Wrangler

I can't get through the day without...

A trip to Sight Glass Coffee.

My ideal weekend activities include...

Going for a long bike ride, browsing record bins at Amoeba, or picnicking in the park.

My favorite Hello!Lucky design is...

The Big Ideas journal but stay tuned for our next release in May! There are some hilarious new designs in the works reminiscent of another favorite of mine, the BBQ Parade Father's Day card.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky...

There are a handful of home brewers among us.

Employee Spotlight: Anna H.

Continuing along with our employee spotlight series, this week we put our talented designer Anna Hurley in the hot seat. Anna has graced the Hello!Lucky studio for four years now, and her cheerful demeanor and witty jokes continue to keep us smiling. Anna reveals below that there are many talented bakers and chefs in our studio, but the truth is, she takes the cake for most talented when it comes to baked goods.

My role at Hello!Lucky is.... 
design ninja.
I can't get through the day without.... 
coffee and music.

My ideal weekend activities include.... 
lolling about, reading, riding my bike.

My favorite Hello!Lucky design is...... 
Marquee is a new one that just came out and it's lovely. Especially the save the date card.

I prefer to listen to a lot of classic rock really loudly while designing. 

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky..... 
Everyone working here is an amazing chef/baker—I never ever pass up a dinner party invite. 

Employee Spotlight: Stewey

So you want to know more about Hello!Lucky?! Now you can see the faces of our hard working employees and learn a little bit about the daily life as an H!L member. To kick it all off, we're delighted to introduce Stewey. His optimism and cheer light up the entire office, and his can-do attitude keeps this place running smoothly (especially on rainy days like today!). When you place a custom order, Stewey is one of the fabulous design consultants who will walk you through every step of the process and help guide you if you need a little extra help! We asked him a few questions:
My role at Hello!Lucky is.... 
Design Consultant.

I can’t get through the day without.... 
a run to the local corner store for a Green Tea Ginger Ale.

My ideal weekend activities include.... 
Tartine Bakery’s Quiche and an exploratory SF neighborhood walk with Matt.

My favorite Hello!Lucky design is.... 
Visit London (I lived there for 2 years), or Hearts-and-Arrows.

Secret insider info you might not know about Hello!Lucky.... 
There are a few Undercover Karoke Superstars working here- but you didn’t hear that from me.