Chick-o-meter: Final count!

CHICK_O_METER_2 Well, it's the week of Christmas and since most folks seem to have finished ordering their holiday cards, we're winding down our holiday drive to donate 3,000 chicks to hungry families via Heifer International.


The final result? (drumroll....!) You all helped us donate about 2,500 of of the 3,000 chicks we'd committed. While this fell a little short of making the bonus pair o' llamas, it's still something to crow about! So, THANK YOU, to everyone who participated! Next year, we'll go for a herd of heifers! Happy holidays, everyone!

Chick-o-Meter: Week 2

CHICK_O_METER_2 Chick-o-meter update #2 is in! We're now at 900 chicks - almost a third of the way to our goal! Woot!


We want to especially give a shout-out to Michele Papineau of Papineau Calligraphy, our Chick-o-Meter MVP!  Thanks for your support, Michele!!

Papineau Calligraphy Christmas

For those of you not in the now, Michele does amazing hand calligraphy. Check out this beautiful custom Christmas card she did recently (which we letterpress printed). Lovely, eh?

Thanks to all who've contributed to our effort so far! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chick-o-meter: Week 1

CHICK_O_METER_2 Okay! We have our first Chick-o-Meter update, and are glad to report slow but steady initial support! We're at 400 chicks -- only 2,600 to go before we reach our goal of 3,000 chicks!


For those of you who are just reading about our effort, here's the scoop: We've committed to donating 3,000 chicks (100 flocks) to hungry families in the developing world via Heifer International, one of our favorite charities. These chicks provide essential, live-sustaining nourishment to the families, producing eggs and an ever-growing flock that can support families and communities in need. Read more about our effort here. To support us, all you have to do is enter "GIVECHICKS" at checkout (yes, you have to buy something, but don't you need holiday cards or gift wrap anyway?).


If we reach our goal, we'll also donate a pair of llamas!! (Picture from here.) So, don't be a chicken, help us give chicks!

Introducing...the Chick-o-Meter!

CHICK_O_METER_2Welcome to Hello!Lucky's Amazing Chick-o-Meter! This pile of chicks represents the 3,000 chicks we're donating to hungry families this holiday season via our new partnership with Heifer International! Oh yes, we plan to catapult, slingshot, parachute, float, fly and belay as many chicks as possible to families that need them!  Read more about Heifer and why we're doing this here.


Each week, we'll measure how much support we're getting for our goal with a pile o' eggs that represents YOU (yes, you!). Just enter the code "GIVECHICKS" at checkout*, and each time you do we'll add 20 chicks to our count. If we reach our goal, we'll donate 2 llamas, too!

So don't be a us give chicks! We hope you can join us!

Yours sincerely,


*sorry, this can't be combined with promotions.

No chicks were harmed during the process of illustrating this graphic.  The catapult is intended for comic effect only.  Hello!Lucky does not condone using a catapult in the creation of a pyramid of chicks.

"Eggs on Us!" with Heifer International

Botswana or Bust! We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Heifer International. It's hard to pick favorite charities, but they're near the top of our list.

Why?  Heifer is helping fight poverty and hunger around the world. They're doing it in the simplest way possible - giving families a sustainable food supply. Sometimes this is a goat. Sometimes it's a yak. Sometimes it's a flock of chicks. Or a pair of llamas. Each of these livestock produces milk, eggs, or offspring that can feed a family and support a community. They help people become self-sufficient. And they're darned cute, too!


The amazing thing about Heifer is that even a small contribution goes a long way. To quote author (and Heifer fundraiser extraordinaire) Patrick Rothfuss, it's not like trying to cure cancer, or heart disease. If we by some miracle were able to raise $10,000 for either of these causes, our contribution would be a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of researching a cure. With Heifer, we know that the flocks of chicks we donate are going directly to help hungry families. There's no research needed - the cure for poverty is simple, and Heifer's approach doesn't just give families a bag of rice, it gives them a food source that can last for generations.

Since we've never done this before, we thought we'd start small.  We're donating 100 flocks of chicks to Heifer - that's about 3,000 chicks - to help 100 families. We've already made the commitment. All we're asking our readers and customers to do is to enter the code "GIVECHICKS" at checkout to show your support, (or "egg us on"! yuk yuk). For every person who enters the code, Hello!Lucky will credit 20 chicks to our chick count. If we reach our goal of 3,000 chicks, we'll donate two llamas as well! We'll be posting the official Hello!Lucky “Chick-o-Meter” on our blog, and will update it weekly.


You can also make direct contributions to Heifer by purchasing a goat, a flock of chicks, etc. for friends and family members this holiday season. You can do it right here.  Take it from us - people LOVE getting a goat as a gift. And, hey, why not accompany your gift with a cute Hello!Lucky letterpress holiday card? (just a thought!)


So stay tuned for updates and the amazing Chick-o-Meter!

Very warmly yours,